In my younger years, while living on the West Coast, one of my favorite summer activities was body surfing. For those of you not familiar with that sport, it involves swimming swiftly to catch the wave; arching your back; becoming rigid; and riding the wave in to shore. Fun and exciting, to say the least!

One particular day that comes to mind, the waves were out a little further from shore than usual. I was swimming rapidly to catch a big wave but my timing was a bit off. I missed. The wave came crashing down on me and sent me tumbling under the water. When I opened my eyes, I had absolutely no clue as to which way was up. It was a cloudy day so no sunlight was beaming through the water – which made every direction look exactly the same.

Having never experienced anything like this before, the idea of just relaxing and hoping to float to the top never even crossed my mind. Terrified, in my spirit I cried, “God help me”, and then began to swim in the direction I prayed was “up.”

Decades have passed since that experience, but, in life I have often wondered, “Which way is up?” They are those terrifying moments when I start to panic because I don’t know what to do. How do I survive this?

Then, my spirit cries out, “God help me!” And He does. Not always as fast, or in the way that I expect – but He never fails.

Perhaps you don’t yet trust Him in that way and are still trying to find which way is up on your own. My friend, that is a nerve-wracking way to live. If you are experiencing stress or panic attacks – it could be a good indicator that you are trusting in your own power rather than His.

We have a loving Father who cares so much about us that He even knows the number of hairs on our head. He has given us His Spirit to guide and encourage us on this journey of life. Please, my friend, plug into this Source of Power.

Don’t know how to get started? Find a good Bible teaching church; plug into friends who walk the walk; listen to Christian radio; find a Freedom Ministry group; and attend our upcoming Women’s Conference – “Prove it” with Bianca Olthoff.

Don’t let the crashing waves of life keep you under. Let the Source of Power help you rise to the top. He wants to do that for you – His precious creation. To Him, YOU are more valuable than gold.