In my 25 years of living for God, I have had many highs and lows. In each season, I have found that worship songs have often become the anthem of my celebration and the flag of my surrender.   So as I jump back on the Prize 31 blog I’d like to take time to share more about worship songs that are in my heart at that time.

Today that song is “The Comeback,” by Danny Gokey

For starters, this is my 6 year old’s favorite song!!! She gets her “game face” on when she hears it, followed by her bobbing head and bold declarations – “here comes a comeback!”

I love the real life battles described in each of the verses:

Nightfalls                      pushbacks                     heartache

wrong turns               sidetracks

laid low         got up slow          unsteady

I know we have all been there. In one of these places and postures. We feel hopeless. Alone. Confused. Stuck. They are seasons! Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. It’s part of life. With God there is hope…

Just when they think there’s nothing left running on empty
You feel the lightning, the thunder, your soul shakes
Under the roar of the heaven, the tide breaks
And from the ashes you will take your place

This remind me of a promise I held tight to in some of my dark hours. Isaiah 6:3 “He gives beauty for ashes.” A time when my heart was broken and my hope was gone. Yet I clung to a promise of the fact that ONLY GOD can take something as dead as ashes and make it alive with beauty. It’s a roar from heaven. It’s like the tide breaking – crashing – on the shore of your situation!!!

There is no mountain you can’t face
There is no giant you can’t take
All of your tears were not a waste
You’re one step away

My prayer today is for the giants I’m facing. For the tears I’m crying. The mountains standing in my way……

Just when they think they’ve got you game, set, match
Here comes the comeback

The enemy may think he has me beat – game, set match. As if he thinks that he’s about to land the final shot and win the match for my life. I have news for him! There is a comeback. Not of my strength, my skill or my ability. A comeback that was staged long ago by a God who already defeated hell, death and the grave.

This is your time, your moment 
The fire, the fight, you’re golden
You’ve come so far keep going
Here comes the comeback, comeback

To every young person today – I call you out of despair. I speak to the unique qualities God put inside of you. I declare that the past that wants to bench you would be discarded. Shaken like water off a duck’s back. And that you would arise to be who God created you to be. A miracle. A treasure. A very important person. A person meant to glorify God!!!

To every mom – You are enough! You show up every day. You do the things no one else sees. But God sees them. He sees you. Your love for your family glorified Him. Stay present in every moment. Be right where you are. Great things are coming!

To the professional – pause! Don’t let the challenges of today and failures of yesterday define you. Take a breath. Let God breathe into you – a new vision, a groundbreaking change that will lead you to even greater success. In Him and for His glory!!

I’m wired by God to be an encourager and watching this video of “The Comeback” made me cry because is screams the encouragement I’m trying to give you right now. Enjoy!