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Led by Leslie Rich

We understand how many of you want to honor the value of growing spiritually, yet your time is limited.  We also understand how seasons of life vary, so we created this online connection point for you to be seen, to learn, and to connect.  

Benefits of this online community group:  

It offers each individual a go-at- your-pace-rhythm.  We want to connect with you when you join, so leave us a comment or a question.    

If you miss one a week, no problem, just pick up where you left off.  The study is four weeks long.

The learning is amazing.  Lean in friend. 

Click on the link to join the group:


This group is for single mothers who are ready to flourish in their relationship with God! You, brave mom, will learn spiritual and practical ways to help navigate your way through life while using the Holy Spirit as your compass. Are you ready to not only survive in life but THRIVE?


WHO: Single Mother’s Group
WHEN: Sunday 9:30 – 10:30 AM – Begins Early Fall 
WHERE: Trinity Church – Ed 1 Building – Room #207

This group is for single moms.  It is our desire to come alongside and offer support.  In this class, we will laugh, cry, learn, and pray over your family.

Led by: Mari Huerta, Ally Ethridge, Shelly Brewster

For more information, email

*Childcare provided by Trinity Kidsplace

Our group is a fun group of women and young ladies who are not afraid to talk about real life issues - we believe everyone's story matters. Come ready to join the discussion or not. If you want to come out and listen—that works too.


IF GATHERING by Jennie Allen

WHO: Women’s Group
WHEN: Sunday 9:30 – 10:30 AM  
WHERE: Trinity Church – Ed 1 Building – Room #204

Imagine what life can look like if we begin to live from our strengths rather than our weaknesses. Imagine what life can look like if we surround ourselves with friends who want to grow spiritually?  

Led by Gloria Toti and Margaret Davis

Telling Her Story is coming up on May 21st.  Mandee Perkins and Kelsey Petty will share their story. 

Childcare provided by Trinity Kidsplace


Who doesn't want to grow spiritually? Who doesn't want to learn what the Bible say? Everyone who loves God should be leaning into what He has already spoken to us. Join us!

HUNGRY FOR MORE – Part 2:  Stimulating Spiritual Hunger 

WHO:  Women’s Group
WHEN: Tuesday 6PM 
WHERE: Trinity Church – Chapel

This study will build on the exploration of God’s word that began in the study, Hungry for More. Join us as we gain true encouragement to interact with God and deepen our spiritual journey.

Led by Denice Mitchell

No childcare offered for this study. 


Join our online community group every Tuesday at 11:15 AM for 30 minutes on Facebook Live. The topic changes each week, with different guests joining in the conversations. We are transparent about how freedom in Christ became a reality and how we can support one another in finding fresh measures of God's truth to lead us onward in life.


WHO:  Women’s Online Group
WHEN: Every Tuesday at 11:15 AM
WHERE:  Facebook


Building true community has to start somewhere, and we believe an online group is a safe place to meet new friends.  30 minutes of sharing, learning, and praying with others can be life-giving and a great way to say goodbye to loneliness.  We hope you take the time to join us in real-time or after the post has been made.  We check the site throughout the week to see how we can connect and pray for you. 

Led by Gloria and friends…

Every leader needs a break to recharge. Check back soon to see what we are diving into this Fall.


WHO:  Women’s Group
WHEN: Tuesday 8:30 am 
WHERE: Off Campus – please email prize31@trinitytoday for details


Led by Ronda Cox 

No childcare available for this study. 


Great conversations center around the table in our homes, and we want them to spill over into our community group. Let's gather and talk about topics that are impacting your life and the life of your family. It's going to be eye-opening and fun at the same time. Join us.


WHO:  Women’s Group 

WHEN: Wednesday 7PM

WHERE: Trinity Christian School – Great Room – 6701 University


Come join the fun gathering this Summer.  

We are creating discussion each week around a relevant life issue impacting our families. 

We also want to slow things down a bit and get to know each other better.  Our discussion will focus around a pre-selected topic. We also want to know what you want to discuss.  No topic off limits.  Let’s learn together. 



WHO:  Women’s Group 

WHEN: Wednesday 7PM

WHERE: Trinity Church – Rm 207 – Ed 1 Bldg.

Do you need a miracle in your life?  I wonder what would happen if we leaned into the miracles we find in scripture?  I bet our faith would grow.  Do you now how many miracles were performed in the Bible?  We will dive into miracle after miracle and wonder what it looked like to be a bystander or the one being healed.  Then we will ask God to heal us.  Come join us as we learn about His great power that is still available for us today.  

If you knew Jesus was coming to your home town, would you have stayed home that evening because you were tired?

I hope are thinking about pressing in for miracle! He is still looking for those with faith to see the miraculous.

Led by:  Gloria Toti 


In this community group different topics and leaders will be introduced throughout the semester. Please check below to see what is being presented at this time. During the Summer months, we are literally sitting around the table and chatting. Just come listen and relax, or join the conversation.

WHEN: Thursday – 8:30 AM

WHERE: Trinity Church Chapel

LED BY:  Gloria Toti, Leslie Rich, Lee Brown 


TABLES is the fun gathering we are offering this Summer.  

We will create discussion each week around a relevant life issue impacting our families. 

We also want to slow things down a bit and get to know each other better.  Our discussion will focus around a pre-selected topic. We also want to know what you want to discuss.  No topic off limits.  Let’s learn together. 



Women who desire a powerful time of Spirit-filled prayer come together on the first and third Friday evening of each month. Together, prayer is lifted to our all powerful God while expecting real and life- changing impact. Whether you are a veteran prayer warrior or just learning what Spirit-filled prayer is, all are welcome. Join this prayer circle and see what happens in your life.


WHO: Women’s Group
WHEN: Friday 7pm
WHERE: Off-campus – First and Third Friday 

Email prize31@trinitytoday for address

Led by Linda Johnson and team


The Gathering

Join us as we gather together to share a meal and to honor the value of community in our lives.  We know great things happen around the dinner table when God is the topic, and we are given the opportunity to share laughter with old friends…or meet a few new ones.  Leslie Rich will share her life-story with us. 

WHERE – Great Room at Trinity Christian School – 6701 University

WHEN – Wednesday, July 12th from 7:00PM – 8:10PM

Click on the registration link below to let us know you are coming or send us an e-mail at

We can’t wait to see you there!

Offered twice a year

Surrendering the secret

An estimated 1 in 3 women of childbearing age has had an abortion. You probably know at least one of them. She may be your sister, your daughter, your wife, your friend or even your mother. She may be you. Our mission is to provide a supportive and confidential environment that brings healing and redemption from a past abortion, while bringing hope, peace, and purpose for her future. Come join us and be free from the pain of a past abortion. For information on class times and location email: