Gloria Toti

women's ministry pastor

Gloria loves life and hardly meets a person she doesn’t want to speak an encouraging word over. She married her Christian boyfriend, and they have grown old together and have loved every moment of the journey. She believes age only makes one wiser and gives everyone the opportunity to learn a few things to share with the next generation. Slowing down is not in her immediate plans.  Her motto: There is a world to change with God’s love. Carl and Gloria have two grown sons, and a “daughter-in-luv”.  Gloria is a native New Mexican but has fallen in love with Texas living and believes God may have moved them Texas so that Gloria would no longer have to tame down her Texas-sized hair.  

Two things overflow out of Gloria’s heart—a love for God’s Word and His people. She is still asking God to help her share the great news with the people of the world. 

vicky palmer

women's ministry assistant & BLOG AUTHOR

Vicky is a woman who knows each day holds an opportunity for learning, laughter, and a big dash of inspiration. Her heart is ready to give and receive with those she encounters. Vicky’s life journey has many diverse chapters which have given her a heart for people from all walks of life, ages and stages, as is evident in her 35-year career as an educator, mentor, and administrator who has always focused on bringing hope and encouragement to others. 

Vicky and her husband, Keith moved to Lubbock in September 2021 from Warrenton, Virginia about 60 miles outside of Washington DC. It was a move that was utterly guided by the hand of God as they sought a place where their values and faith would be more honored and aligned. Having found Trinity Church online was one of those dominate signs from God that relocating to Texas would be a big process, but a positive one! Vicky and Keith feel blessed to be part of this community. Beyond work, they enjoy time keeping their three dogs busy, reading, board games, classic movies, cooking and a little “retail therapy”.

Abbey Shannon

Ministry Support Volunteer

I am a young lady who is learning how much I am loved by God and, I enjoy giving of my time which allows others to discover this beautiful truth as well.  Serving along Gloria and Vicky has allowed me to grow in my leadership ability. One of the most important things I have learned this year while serving is the fact that God uses broken people.  He doesn’t wait until we are made whole, he healed us as we go.  


Nita Kuehn

Nita is the mother of three and degreed in education/psychology. While she loves helping others discover and develop their gifts, she is passionate about bringing healing and restoration to those in the body of Christ. She currently does retreats, has speaking engagements, and offers leadership training through the ministry she is birthed called Walking In Faith Ministries.

Deanna Duncan

Deanna and her husband Cris met on the Edge high school retreat. Riding together on the Shockwave, they knew God had some great adventures planned. Those adventures included having their daughter, Elizabeth, being active in and facilitating Life Groups, speaking around the country, passionately growing in the Lord and learning how to share an office together. The last one might be the greatest adventure as it truly requires them to live out their marriage verses–Col 3:12-17. A trained educator, Deanna has a passion for helping others embrace the fullness of a life in God.

Diane Qubty

I was born with two sweet parents and four fun siblings in quiet little Happy, Texas. In high school I fell hopelessly in love and have been married to my wonderful husband, Johnny, for over 40 years. My oldest daughter, Jocelyn and hubby, Dustin spawned my beautiful Skylar and Brady. Daughter Krista is married to Jared and they have my curly boy Gunner. My middle child, Tabitha and her Alfred have four beauties – Addie, Joshua, AnnaBelle and Noah. My 7 little lights are from 15 years to 20 months. And my fourth darling daughter is Astyn. She has been in Heaven since she was barely 14 years old. Part of my heart went there too.

I have always felt God asking me to write. I just wasn’t sure what about! But I know I want to glorify Him in this gift. I’m a small-town girl with a big big God. He has led me through some awesome times and some not so awesome times. Through it all He has taught me to trust Him completely – not always so easy. I long for Heaven but while my feet are here, I’m going to praise Him. I write hoping that maybe if I share part of my journey it will help makes yours lighter. We’re all in this together. I always like to end a writing with “Be blessed.” It may sound funny to some. But what I am saying is “Receive everything that God has to give you. Know the One who loves you. Give Him the reigns and trust Him.” And so, I’m asking God to bless your journey with a simple…Be blessed.

Tina Gonzalez

“Leave a little sparkle wherever you go, fill yourself with Gods love and joy so that it spills and overflows!”

Tina was born and raised in Lubbock,TX. She is blessed with 2 sons, 4 step-children and 10 step- grandchildren. After spending 30 years in restaurant management and ownership, she now joyously serves in children’s ministry with Trinity Christian Schools EEC.

Tina has been blessed for almost 6 years now in training and serving for Freedom Ministries, something she is very passionate about.

She loves to recount the story of the day in which she had a revelation from the Holy Spirit and was told of a gifting in writing.

Tina is excited to share her writings in hopes to encourage, uplift and creatively dispense what the Lord brings to her heart.

“An old tattered notebook and a pen without much ink, Oh here is my canvas, and here is my paint! “

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Diana huber


denice mitchell


Denice Mitchell has a heart for serving others and sharing the love of God through Jesus Christ. God has done amazing things in her own life, and it is her passion to share her experiences in His grace!

She makes many contributions to the life of Trinity Church. Denice has worked on the financial team since 2019 and volunteers her time and talents as a group leader for Prize31, Growth Track classes and as a greeter for Sunday services. All these activities all her to share with others the freedom and joy that God can bring to life.

Denice is a also a busy mother of three adult children, grandmother to 14 grandchildren and 1 great-grand child! So, staying busy outside of her work and volunteer time is never a problem. Friend, family and fellowship is truly a fitting summary of her heart!

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linda johnson

Bio Coming Soon 


Leslie Rich
Lee Brown

Leslie and Lee have been writing their studies to share with the Prize31 groups over the past couple of years. Their efforts are always inspiring and deeply engaging. They will be sharing with us again during the Winter and Spring community group semesters.  Please plan to join us.

We love all our Prize31 Community Leaders! 

Their bold yes is changing God’s world…