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Wait-He’s Coming by Denise Dietz

At the time of this writing we are waiting for election results, resolution to the COVID crisis, fires to stop burning and new norms to emerge from historic shifts in our world. Yet, there’s a weightier, wait that exceeds them all!  Jesus is coming soon. As anticipation grows in my heart, I’m reminded…waiting is a […]

Amy Coney Barrett…For Such A Time As This by Gloria Toti

God sees it all.  With your vote, will you defend Roe v. Wade or innocent pre-born babies who are not old enough to fight for themselves? Right now, if you have been reading the news, you know there is a rage against Amy Coney Barrett and most of it centers around the potential of the Court […]

Nothing Cute About These CUTIES by Gloria Toti

It was appalling.  How could their parents allow these little girls to be used this way? I don’t have little girls in my home, but I know many of you do.  So, on the behalf of the innocence of your little girls, I speak out today.   I’m not sure if you heard about this […]

Scandalous by Gloria Toti

They never intended for us to find out what they were doing behind closed doors.   The enemy has the power to blind us using pride and deception…no one is exempt.  It’s devastating how God’s people can quickly become the brunt of the joke in the realms of where our enemy dwells.  JT my youngest son was an […]

Dream Big by Deanna Duncan

Nehemiah was just rolling through life.  He had it pretty good.  Yes, he was living in the citadel of Susa—the center of all luxury.  Yes, he worked as the cupbearer to King  Artaxerxes—one of the highest positions in the country and he was a pretty happy guy…until he was not. He was Jewish—living as an […]

Don’t Tell Me Her Life Doesn’t Have Purpose by Gloria Toti

 Life would not be the same without her.  Every human life adds value to those around them.  Don’t miss it. The defense of human life is not an option – we need to affirm the dignity of every human being from conception to natural death.   The Supreme court decision became the law of the […]

Flip The Script by Shawnee McClure

When I used to read verses like Psalm 139:1-13, “Where can I go to escape your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence?” (verse 7), I would fear being seen by God fully and all the things that I have done against him, all my thoughts that disregarded his holiness, or even my slothfulness […]

Mr. Mayor, When Did Life Become A Slippery Slope by Gloria Toti

Life group begins at 7 pm tonight: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84554425842 Meeting ID: 845 5442 5842 Giving Babies Their God-Given Right to Life In The Womb Shouldn’t Be A Hard Decision Today, my topic might be a bit controversial, but how can we stay silent when one million abortions are taking place each year in the U.S. alone? […]

You’re Living On Borrowed Time by Gloria Toti

DON’T WASTE MY TIME IS SOMETHING WE HAVE ALL SAID BEFORE. The day we were born, a sum of time was invested in our life-accounts by our creator, and He didn’t intend for us to be wasteful with this precious commodity.  “In Time” was a movie set in the future where time became the ultimate […]

God In A Box by Tina Gonzalez

I absolutely love aquariums! We have a 42 gallon in our living room with tropical community fish and a large Koi Angel overseeing everything. In my bedroom is a corner aquarium with a variety of South American and African Cichlids. Upon reading about fish in captivity, I learned that they are limited in their growth […]

Ever Been Wrong But You Didn’t Know It by Gloria Toti

Click the link below to join our Women’s Life group tonight at 7 pm on Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84554425842. Meeting ID: 845 5442 5842 Do you have an anchor? What areas of your life seem as if they are put together, but the foundation is not there?   Don’t frown right now, we all have those areas […]

Bullies by Brianna Richardson

I’ve never forgotten what it was like to be a kid and try to consider my own experiences when my son approaches a similar situation. For that reason, we’ve a small set of rules that we remind KJ of when approaching a play area. “Is anyone obligated to play with you?” “No.” “Do you own […]

Are You A Victim To Your Thoughts by Gloria Toti

What are your thoughts saying to you today?  What did they tell you yesterday? It was found that the average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day with 80% being negative, and up to 95% of the thoughts threatening to be the exact same repetitive thoughts as the day before. Ironically, I had a thought […]

The Desires Of Your Heart by Nita Kuehn

I am writing this today with tears of gratitude and amazement running down my face. We have just received word that, yet, another desire of our heart is coming into fruition. Eight years ago I stepped into an office place that took my breath away.  Yes it was beautiful; but, the reason I was blown […]

You Have What It Takes by Gloria Toti

  There’s a quote from Lysa Terkeurst that I absolutely love. She says, “You have the exact qualities God knew your kids would need as a mother.” I would go one step further and say that God actually put those qualities inside you, to begin with, and He placed you right here, right now, for […]

Fearless by Kristin Huber

Fear Less…Faith Forward Psalm 56:3-4 3 When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. 4 In God, whose word I praise— in God I trust and am not afraid. What can mere mortals do to me? I’m starting to sense a new trend in our society, and I don’t mean bringing back tie-dyed […]

Feelings Are the Language of the Soul by Gloria Toti

As Bob Goff says, God isn’t an editor; He’s a creator. And he’s not giving us the hairy eyeball when we make mistakes. LET THERE BE were the three words God used in Genesis to create and then he handed the baton to us to continue adding beauty and value to His world. LET THERE […]

Have You Ever Seen A Shooting Star by Gloria Toti

I wonder what astronauts think about when they are that close to Heaven?   The majestic night sky tells a majestic story each night.  It’s captivating and filled with wonder.   A shooting star reassures you that you just witnessed something spectacular! We all just watched as two American astronauts made a 19-hour ride home […]

Maintaining Hope by Sarah Kline

Confession – I sing in the shower. I’ll get back to this one in a minute. It was a morning a few weeks ago that I began my day the usual way, opening my Bible app. The verse of the day was Philippians 4:8: “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever […]

Eternity Is Very Real by Gloria Toti

Today, I believe people of all ages are thinking this thought: What happens if I die? We should all come to terms with that reality and have a plan. It’s been a tough year. Today’s news tells us that nearly 151,000 Americans passed into eternity in the past 5 months, and 17 million people are out of […]

Hope Whispers by Denise Dietz

A recent headline stood out to me, Good News! When stories are told about kindness, compassion, courage – they help us connect with who we are becoming. We are wired to connect with stories and find ourselves in them. Our volatile world is full of stories and they have tremendous power to shape our realities. […]

Nudity An Expression of Art – I disagree! by Gloria Toti

And a robot just sold for $100,000 and it will be used as a sex partner. This is true and very sad.  JOIN OUR LIFE GROUP AT 7 PM ON THURSDAY BY CLICKING THIS LINK If you are trying to box with God, you better give up because your arms are way too short to […]

Morning by Morning — Deanna Duncan

  Elijah was living the life.  Every morning, he woke up surrounded by God’s art gallery.  The beauty of creation stretched all around him.  In the morning, ravens would bring him bread and meat and then in the evening, it would happen again.  When he was thirsty, a cool brook was just steps away.  He […]

We Can’t Lie To Ourselves Any More by Gloria Toti

Do you have a warrior’s mindset… or have you ever had one?  JOIN OUR LIFE GROUP AT 7 PM ON THURSDAY BY CLICKING THIS LINK  Maybe, I should ask this instead:  Do you feel emotionally strong or weak? Surely, you know what it is like to enter a day feeling strong and then end up […]

The Law I Live By by Shawnee McClure

We are not lawless in our pursuit of God. We seek God through wisdom and understanding as though it is the most precious hidden treasure (Proverbs 2:1-6). But how do wisdom and understanding translate into our everyday lives and how is it incorporated into the law by which we live as Christians? The book of […]

Big Mama Needs Us by Gloria Toti

Can you think of a time where Jesus shifted the blame for something he failed to do?  CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR LIFE GROUP EVERY THURSDAY AT 7 PM  How do we make sense of the seasons that don’t make sense? We stop complaining We stop blaming And we start honoring the values God honors […]

Is Demonic Oppression or Possession Real by Gloria Toti

Clarita Villanueva was delivered from demonic possession because Dr. Sumrall chose to act on behalf of God’s will for her life.  JOIN OUR LIFE GROUP AT 7 PM ON THURSDAY BY CLICKING THIS LINK  Spiritual Authority is real – it’s not a game. The reason we are fighting from the left to the right is […]

Manna- Let The Unwrapping Begin by Tina Gonzalez

Gifts are falling like Manna from the heavens, My spirit sings with the upmost joy. Can I catch them all…… Or will they fall and lay waste on the ground? Collect them I must! Open them, look and see, What precious presents He has packed, So careful – so thoughtfully. Oh Look!  How can it […]

Mister, Your Behavior Matters More Than You Think by Gloria Toti

Sir, are you guarding your manhood – or is it escaping little by little each day?  JOIN OUR LIFE GROUP AT 7 PM ON THURSDAY BY CLICKING THIS LINK  It’s not God’s recommendation that we live according to our fleshly desires and our society not become the devil’s playground.  God is a God of order and […]

Hateful Nails by Brianna’s Richardson

In July, we will have reached the year anniversary of moving into our first home. The neighborhood is quiet, and the residents we are between are both polite. Despite this, for several months now, on and off, everytime I pull into my driveway after work, Kris approaches me with a nail in his hand and […]

Defund The Police? by Gloria Toti

WARNING:  This conversation might cause uncomfortable feelings, but we invite you to give us feedback.  We want to listen.  We want to understand.   Please know it is our desire to not only hear you but to listen with third-level listening to the things in your heart.  If you didn’t think we care – we […]

Intimacy- PG by Nita Kuehn

A bit shocked to see this as a Prize 31 topic?  Don’t worry, I’m going in a bit of a different direction that you may have anticipated when you read the title. What I have noticed during this COVID era is people experiencing far more intimacy that I have seen or heard of in decades. […]

Business, As Usual, Has To End by Gloria Toti

The Layers Of Some Of That Pain Should Matter To Us  JOIN OUR LIFE GROUP AT 7 PM ON THURSDAY BY CLICKING THIS LINK The murder of George Floyd has re-opened wounds that have never fully healed and tragically continue to be opened. The headlines over these past few days have left many of us […]

Never Take It For Granted by Kristin Huber

It is difficult to begin writing a post when you are at a loss for words. How do you begin writing down what this year has been like, and it is only June? This year has given me a lot of time for contemplation and I simply wish to share my heart.  We started self-quarantining […]

A Different Kind Of Fire Is Needed by Gloria Toti

When gifts are given our response should be – thank you – and then we should unwrap the gift, correct?   JOIN OUR LIFE GROUP AT 7 PM ON THURSDAY BY CLICKING THIS LINK Is it okay to sing Happy Birthday to the Holy Spirit?…how about to the Church? If you say no, sorry – I […]

Emmaus Road by Diane Qubty

One of my favorite stories happens on Resurrection Sunday on a 7 mile stretch of dirt road between Jerusalem and a small village called Emmaus.  Two of Jesus’ followers, one of them named Cleopas, were walking along on their way home from what they thought was going to be a normal Passover.  Their faces were […]

Blind Spots – We All Have Them by Gloria Toti

Who in your life has access to take you aside and lovingly point out your blind spots?   CLICK THIS LINK TO JOIN THE GROUP Thursday Evening – 7 pm LISTEN TO GLORIA’S VIDEO BLOG ABOVE …OR READ IT ON YOUR OWN BELOW We all know what it’s like to be driving and someone gets […]

Growing In Your Zone by Denise Dietz

Mom and I were thrilled to find ourselves at a local nursery browsing the unending beauty of plants in full bloom. Row-after-row of color drew us in and captured our interest. Each plant seemed to say, “Pick me.” Like two kids in a candy store, we quickly filled our cart to overflowing. We had plants of every […]

Protecting The Family Name by Gloria Toti

 God knows it and you know it…all children need some discipline for their own good. CLICK THIS LINK TO JOIN THE GROUP Then enter this ID: 874 2294 0294# Another option is to call into the group 1-346- 248-7799    ID: 874 2294 0294# Thursday Evening – 7 pm LISTEN TO GLORIA’S VIDEO BLOG ABOVE […]

Quarantine Thoughts by Sarah Kline

I believe most of you will agree that things are completely different these days. My oldest walked into the room in late March and said, “Is it true that our cousins are quarantined?” At that point, we were not on a stay-at-home order, so I responded by saying, “I don’t know,” then asking my mother if my sister’s […]

Your Heart Tells A Story by Gloria Toti

Click Here To Join ID: 824 1506 9782 We Gather Every Thursday at 7 pm Another option: Call Into the Group  1-346-248-7799   LISTEN TO GLORIA’S VIDEO BLOG ABOVE …OR READ IT ON YOUR OWN BELOW The story of Moses is a tale of two moms. One birthed a baby boy and one raised him. […]

Fear Fails by Deanna Duncan

Fear. Four simple letters that have the ability to paralyze us.  Why? Blame it all on the amygdalae.  These tiny (no bigger than a few centimeters) almond-shaped things buried deep within the right and left temporal lobes of our brain control our fear conditioning and our emotional response to pain.  Essentially, they control our body’s […]

Sorry Joseph, I Said Yes by Gloria Toti

Click Here To Join Us Every Thursday for Life Group at 7 pm   LISTEN TO GLORIA’S VIDEO BLOG ABOVE …OR READ IT ON YOUR OWN BELOW Do you have a friend or family member that you know you can count on? When they say they are going to do something, you know they are […]

Unwithering Faith by Shawnee McClure

Every spring, I enjoy the day when it seems as though all at once everything is green again. Despite the current oppression that has indwelled upon this spring with the widespread COVID-19 intruding upon each of our lives, the trees did not forget to bloom. The wildflowers and their perennial friends have blossomed. Sometimes life for us feels […]

Can Dust Be Glued Back Together by Gloria Toti

What is a girl supposed to do when she is left holding the DUST of her shattered dreams?   Perhaps the dust came as a result of someone else’s decision that impacted her life, or perhaps it was her own decision that left her in a dust storm that clouded her every step. Whatever the […]

Just For Now by Brianna Richardson

March 16 First day of Spring Break. At the office, I’m making binders for our new volunteers. My supervisor approaches me. They just received the order to send all non-essential staff home. I gathered all my belongings from my desk, knowing it would probably be some time before I returned. My supervisor bids me stay […]

Can We Change The World By Accident? – Gloria Toti

 This can turn out to be one of the finest hours for the church and guess who the church really is?  You and Me OUR FRIEND-GROUP IS WAITING FOR YOU Thursday  at 7 pm 30 minutes can help you change your world Click Here To Join Us

Behold, I Do A New Thing By Tina Gonzalez

I love the scripture verse that The Lord gave me and my two sons for an overview of our 2020 New Year…… Isaiah 43:19, ” Behold, I do a new thing, It is springing forth; Do you not perceive it?” Well, it certainly is New for me and quite a few of God’s children around […]

These Women Had True Grit by Gloria Toti

Let it be said of us that we also had true grit to rise up for Jesus as these women did…   YOU ARE INVITED TO JOIN US EVERY Thursday  at 7 pm You deserve 30 minutes to replenish your life Click Here To Join Us

Work Out With Us by Gloria Toti

 ZUMBA HERE WE COME No matter where you live or what church you attend,  this group for all you women who want to have fun while burning some calories.   JOIN THE WORKOUT Christy gives us a sneak peek of her 30-minute workout we will be doing tomorrow night.   Visit prize31.com on Facebook  Click […]

Pits With Mirrors Are Dangerous by Gloria Toti

On a scale of 1 through 10, where is your attitude these days?   If it’s in the weeds, we understand.  Don’t stay there – do something about it.   Things are too crazy right now to fall into a pit filled with mirrors where we are tempted to only focus on ourselves.  That’s what […]

Who Am I by Nita Kuehn

How often have we felt like Moses when he said these words to God?  We look at the task before us and we feel totally overwhelmed – incapable.  Who am I to take on such a task?  I never bargained for this!  (Believe me, neither did Moses.) Actually, that may be exactly the way God […]

God Only You Can End This

God Alone Can Fix Our World God Alone Can Change the Hearts of Man God Alone Can Stop the Plague—Let’s Honor Him & Repent God Alone Can Brings Miracles Needed In This Time of History ____________________________________________________   We will meet on Thursday evenings for 30 minutes beginning this week. Time: Apr 2, 2020 07:00 PM […]

The Big ONE by Kristin Huber

March 12, 2020 was a BIG day in the Huber household; our little guy turned ONE! What a joyous day it was for our family. This past year Konnor has brought more joy to lives than we could have ever anticipated. Of course, he recognized the day as any other to play, take naps, eat […]

No Time To Play Church by Gloria Toti

How can this be happening is the redundant thought that is making me get acquainted with nerves I didn’t know existed.  My heart is being tugged in so many ways.  I don’t know if I have the capacity to realize the suffering this evil COVID-19 will leave in its wake.  It actually brings me to […]

God’s Gorilla Glue by Diane Qubty

In our BSF studies the question came up, ‘How did God encourage Paul?’  As I looked over Acts 18, I saw the friends He put in Paul’s life.  First, he had Barnabas, John Mark, Timothy, Silas.  They travelled with him, taught him and then, in turn, learned from him.  But along this very hard journey, […]

Shared Hope by Denise Dietz

Five years ago, I was dying. Physically. Emotionally. Spiritually. The doctors said it was too much stress. I grasped for changes to make my life less stressful. All the stresses came from things considered “good.” As a mother, I had an oldest child graduating from high school and making his transition into adulthood. Two younger children were emerging […]

Thoughts On Enduring by Sarah Kline

I wrote at the end of December that my new word for this year is ENDURE. I heard God speak it to me so clearly, but I confess it brought both anticipation and fear. What do I think about when I hear the word endure? My mind immediately flits to suffering. It thinks about children […]

The Value of One by Deanna Duncan

Amanda Eller started out the day in a great mood.  The yoga teacher was in Maui and was about to explore a Hawaiian forrest the best way she knew how–with a short 3 mile run.  A little ways into the run, she felt winded and decided to rest a bit.  She thought it might be […]

Arise & Shine by Shawnee McClure

I love the morning time. The sunrise brings such a delight from within me. Seeing the first light of a new day and, even the first few hours of the day when the sunlight looks fresh, breathing life into the world, brings peace to my soul. I call it “new light.” “Arise, shine, for your light has […]

Heart Transplant by Tina Gonzalez

Well Girls, It’s almost here……HEART DAY! As I sat and thought about the upcoming day of Valentines, the most wonderful scripture kept flowing through my mind, John 15:13- ” Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down His life for His friends.” It is mind blowing to me when I hone-in […]

Cracks by Brianna Richardson

At the end of my day volunteering in Kidsplace, I went to clean up the nursery. Putting away the snacks, I failed to notice that the lid had not been placed properly on the container. Predictably, the lid came off, and Cheerios spilled all over the carpet. Sigh. On my hands and knees, I began gathering […]

Do You Have Friends? By Gloria Toti

Do you have friends is a loaded questions because I know we all have people around us that we say are our friends and yet way too many times our conversations stay at the surface level of life.   We really don’t know each others values, hopes, or dreams. We probably don’t rely on each […]

Wrinkle Resistant by Nita Kuehn

Ironing is just not my thing!  And regular trips to the cleaners have never really been in my budget.  So what do I do? For many years, I have only purchased items that bear the tag “wrinkle resistant.”  Unfortunately, as our children grew and began to buy gifts for their dad, shirts without that coveted […]

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy by Kristin Huber

“You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.”                                                             […]

Grace by Diane Qubty

Amazing Grace  – The Final Advent Story I can still see her face.  My youngest had been asking me, since she was five, to be baptized. I think this is a hard thing for parents sometimes.  You want to let them follow their heart and what the Lord is talking to them about, but at […]

See A Little More by Denise Dietz

Audacious. Yes! Let’s put ourselves in this story…. Jesus, the Healer 17 One day many Jewish religious leaders, known as Pharisees along with many religious scholars came from every village of Galilee, throughout Judea, and even from Jerusalem to hear Jesus teach. And the power of the Lord God surged through him to instantly heal. […]

Volunteering by Sarah Kline

Warning . . . this blog post comes with an invitation. It’s not to a birthday party or a wedding reception. It’s an invitation to experience some of the things I’m blessed to experience these days. There’s no obligation to accept. About seven years ago, Carl and I took our first steps into a building […]

‘Tis the Season by Deanna Duncan

‘Tis the Season! My photographer friends and I often send that message to each other along with “selfies” of empty coffee cups, crumpled snack wrappers and anything else littering our desks at 3am as we put in yet another 16-18 hour day.  I always joke that my goal is to go to sleep in the […]

The Entire Portion by Shawnee McClure

On the days when I am not being kind to myself and lack patience, I am not “keep[ing] in step with the Spirit” and am only giving myself a portion of the fruit that God has offered me through the presence of the Holy Spirit, instead of allowing myself to enjoy the entire fruit as […]

I’m Not Kidding by Gloria Toti

I have a passion to become a mom to as many spiritual daughters as I can bring into my life. I’m not kidding I see what is taking place in our culture and this 56-year-old girl doesn’t like it one bit.  I’m tired of watching normal being kicked to the curb.  Each day, I read […]

Spiritual Harvest And Blessings by Tina Gonzalez

It is simply Amazing! I felt like climbing to the tallest tree I could find and shout to anyone who could hear….” I feel light as a feather, light as air. I’m free!”  Why? Because the Lord had once again taken the heavy back pack I was carrying and with His cleansing power( Holy laundry […]

Farce by Brianna Richardson

It still hurt. That little word on the lab slip. It was the second time I’d seen it. The first had felt like a punch to the gut. Miscarriage. On Thursday, July 4th, after returning home from the parade, I took a pregnancy test. KJ gave me the biggest hug; Kris was speechless. We spent […]

The Secret To Contentment by Nita Kuehn

Recently I was in jail. No, – I wasn’t in trouble, but others were. And because of a God-ordained opportunity, the ministry I oversee was invited to create a Freedom Curriculum and to disciple inmates who are open to learning about the Lord.  Basically, we were given a captive audience of 2000 + and we […]

Real Adventure by Deanna Duncan

‘Tis the Season!  Yes, my friends, we have made it past October 25th so that means it is Christmas 24/7 on ALL three Hallmark channels.  Any time of the day you can tune in and see sparkly lights, freshly fallen snow and a warm and cozy diner where everyone says, “hello.” It also means you […]

Attitude Of Gratitude by Kristin Huber

 I recently stumbled on a saying, which I have seen in the past, but it resonated with me something fierce on this particular day. “I remember praying for the things I have now.” After reading this on one of my social media threads I have not been able to stop repeating it. With the holiday season upon […]

Faith Like A Mustard Seed by Diane Qubty

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1 “Never be afraid to trust your unknown future to a Known God.” Corrie ten Boom   If you have faith like a mustard seed… What if I do have faith? It’s at least as big as a […]

Happy Birthday Prize 31 Blog by Jennifer Riley

  Ten years ago, I was working out while The View was on. At that time, it was one of the only places where you could hear the viewpoint of women who were different ages and with different opinions. After watching for a few months, I thought how cool it would be to do that […]

Lesson From An Arcade by Sarah Kline

One of the Blogilates workouts I’ve been doing throughout this year is a spin-off of the video game Street Fighter. Cassey, my fearless digital coach, comes onscreen dressed like Chun-Li and proceeds to lead her viewers in an intense but fun routine with lots of kicking and punching. It’s one of my favorite videos of […]

The Watch by Deanna Duncan

  Jacob could barely hear his father when he asked him to go and get the box from the shelf.  His father was weak and Jacob was trying to do everything he could to make him comfortable in what appeared to be his last days.  He handed the box to his father and the man […]

Flowers Remind Me of Grace by Shawnee McClure

Flowers have always reminded me of grace. A seed is planted, and then the Sun has to penetrate the soil, deep into the dark layers, as well as Living Water needing to seep through the compacted dirt to be absorbed by the seed. It then opens up, just barely at first, to break free from […]

She Refuses To Keep Silent Knowing She Can Help by Gloria Toti

This entire month we have journeyed into the surreal path of pain for many in hopes of letting them know they are not forgotten.  It was also our sincere desire to send hope to those struggling in silence or hopelessness. Deep down my heart wanted to speak value and love over all our readers. We […]

Shoes For Drew by Sheri Friemel

Suicide has affected so many people, but there is nothing like listening to the heart of a mother as she speaks about being a survivor.  I have known and loved Sheri Friemel most of her life as she is the best friend of my own youngest sister, Keri, since they were old enough to have […]

Potter’s Wheel by Tina Gonzales

We come from different backgrounds and we have different stories, but no matter where we have been and what we have been through, we are loved by a God who never – ever gives up on us!  We are so highly valued. We are unique one-of-a-kind Masterpieces! Never to be duplicated…..We could never be replaced. He […]

Invisible by Brianna Richardson

My name is Brianna. While obtaining my bachelor’s in psychology, I studied suicide, and suicide prevention extensively. Even so, when I began to wrestle with suicidal thoughts my senior year of college, I found the process of reaching out for help to be more difficult than most people realize. I felt invisible, even to those […]

Hope in 3 Steps or Perfect Peonies by Deanna Duncan

Many years ago, I started my love affair with peonies.  They just appeared so perfect–delicate, wispy and at the same time so lush.  Let’s not even get started on their heavenly scent…They also happen to be expensive.  Very, very expensive. My fresh out of college self had a great idea–I would GROW a peony bush […]

The Struggle Is Real by Nita Kuehn

The Struggle Is Real by Nita Kuehn I am writing this today to apologize for the many times we have disregarded your pain; minimized the impact of an event; or, only had a discouraging word. Only you know how something has affected you emotionally, spiritually, and/or physically. Forgive us for not hearing your distress or dismissing […]

Suicide Doesn’t Have To Be Next Step – Let’s Talk by Gloria Toti

For the month of September, we are going to invite you into the conversation of suicide prevention.  When I hear that someone has chosen to put an end to their emotional pain through suicide, I cry out to God and ask him what I can do to help those in need of His love and […]

Hurry Up Lord! You’re Late Again by Denise Dietz

The sound of a clock ticking is a constant reminder of each second passing as I find myself in the “waiting room” again! This journey never gets easier. I’ve waited for return phone calls, career changes, a home to be built, dreams to become a reality, debt to be paid, my body to heal, traffic […]

Put It In Your Basket And Let Go!! – by Diane Qubty

Have you ever prayed and prayed for someone until you felt you could pray no more?  One such person stands out in my mind.  I prayed and prayed for this person.  Nothing happened.  I prayed some more.  Things seemed worse.  PLEASE GOD! I prayed more!  Still, I could see no results.  One day I felt […]

Making Butter by Deanna Duncan

So I did this THING. I made my own butter. Guys, to say that this project created a mess is the understatement of the year.  I think I am still cleaning milk and milk solids from every conceivable crevice in my kitchen.  However, the results are simply wonderful. Has the Lord been making butter in […]

Timeless by Nita Kuehn

We find that some things in our lives transcend time. I just returned from my 50+ high school class reunion which was held in Sacramento, CA.  While it was not the city in which we graduated, it was the city the committee chose for reasons of cost and convenience. Awesome!  I had graduated from a […]

The Reckless Love of a Father By Denise Dietz

Years have passed.  While my heart stirred with passion to tell the story of my father’s love for me, another voice drew me away saying, “Who are you?  What makes you think writing a book would mean anything? What difference would it really make?” I let this tension build inside. It was a pull between knowing I was […]

Don’t Blink by Diane Qubty

While I sip my morning tea, relax and read before the day begins, I think of the young moms out there who would consider this a vacation day.  Hang on sweet mommas!  I know the days can seem so busy and hectic.  Chores repeat themselves and never seem to get done.  Faces need to be […]

Say Something Good By Nita Kuehn

I can still hear my dad’s voice in my head even though he has been absent from this earth for over 20 years.  He was a pastor who in many ways was “old fashioned” by today’s standards, but was a wonderful man. Though not perfect, he loved serving the Lord and encouraging others to do […]

Digits by Tina Gonzalez

Numbers in order- numbers in line Numbers undone- messy No rhythm – no rhymeEquations backwards- forwards Try solving them side to side When it is all finished, what have you accomplished? Are we really just trying to hide? Digits telling time Counting money Exploding in fatalities and crime. Make Haste! Make haste! They utter and […]

It’s Pruning Time by Olga Martinez

Every branch in me that does not bear fruit he takes away, and every branch that does bear fruit he prunes, that it may bear more fruit.(John 15:2)  After several weeks of unanswered messages to my friend (I’ll call her Carol), I finally decided to call her husband but got no response. The unexpected silence was killing […]

His Princess by Brianna Richardson

I have a mild obsession with Disney and Disney princesses. Mild. So when I came across an image on Facebook listing various traits of Disney princesses to determine which one was most like my personality, I was ecstatic. I read through the list and tried to decide which one I felt resembled me closest, purely […]

Forgotten…Not by Deanna Duncan

  Earlier this year, I started on the official “fill all the pots” mission.  Along the front of the house, I have these big black pots that hold asparagus fern and on a day filled with sunshine, I started switching out the old and replacing with the new.  I dug out the old plant—root ball […]

It’s Not About You by Shawnee McClure

Times of conflict and dispute, especially amongst loved ones, are difficult to bear in our fickle flesh. We get tangled in our emotions between wanting to wallow silently in guilt for our portion of wrongdoing and the urge to cast blame on others, showcasing any and all wrongdoings of theirs we can recall. Learning to […]

Are You Ready? by Tina Gonzalez

” HARPAZO ” ( Are You Ready?) Dream weaver Dream deceiver There is no Game of Thrones! The ultimate test is the race in this life for our ultimate Prize, Jesus Christ and His upward call. So….who sits on the throne? Who really holds the keys? Who is early to rise and who folds their […]

Intersecting Stories by Brianna Richardson

I’m ashamed to say I don’t remember her name. I wonder if she even remembers me. She was a sweet elderly lady. Nicely dressed. Expensive jewelry. She appeared beside me suddenly, asking if the seat was taken. I thought it odd then: a round table of eight seats, most of them empty, yet she chose […]

Perfectly Imperfect by Kristin Huber

Have you ever had one of those days where you just don’t feel like you have it together? You grab your blue pants instead of your black ones. You leave the lunch you packed yourself the night before in the refrigerator. You lock your keys in the car. Any of that resonate with you? I […]

The Heavens Declare His Glory by Nita Kuehn

On Friday night, April 26th, Hillsong was in concert here in Lubbock singing praises to the Lord.  At the very same time, John and I were hosting a workshop on communicating God’s love and power.  As both events were wrapping up, the Lord responded in an amazing way which I want to share with you.  […]

Weed Whacking by Denise Dietz

For years I’ve been in an all-out-war with weeds.  As a gardener the first sign of them signals an immediate warning that an action plan is needed.  I begin considering the options.  Do I pull it, burn it, poison it, whack it or let it go? Weeds have a reputation for being good for nothing […]

Geometry Redefined by Tina Gonzales

Loops and Frames Congruent renamed Perpendicular turned upside down? Magnetics verses physics Spacial properties and hydro rotating planes. Circles and shapes No form –  without place Vast darkness and unseen glory Benevolent space holding untold stories. Words become quickened Gleaming light begins to glisten Sound barriers broken Lines harnessed – Shapes are spoken! Double helix’s […]

I Saw God Today

How life has transformed in one month. On March 12, 2019, at 6:14 pm, my world was changed forever. Konnor Bryce Huber made his grand entrance to two anxiously awaiting parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, extended family and friends. My due date was slated for April 1, but Konnor had other plans. I woke my husband […]

Finding Moments of Stillness

Our family seems to have something important to do every single night of the week. Friday evenings are pizza and movie night, a time for us to sit back and enjoy being together as a family. It’s our only night most weeks, and even still we have dance and martial arts right after my school […]

I Dreamed I Went To Heaven

Somewhere in my sleep last night I dreamed I was in Heaven. I found myself in a sea of blue and soft clouds.  There were people as far as I could see, and everyone was walking forward.  It wasn’t crowded or pushy.  Everything was just peaceful.  I knew we were all walking towards our King.  […]

What Are You Telling Yourself?

WHAT ARE YOUR ANSWERS TO THESE THREE QUESTIONS— Are you growing spiritually? Are you in a community group and honoring the value of learning new things and meeting new people? Are you having fun in life or just going through the mundane routines of life?   I remember the days when the answer to these […]

Should We Care?!?

WHY CARE  WHEN WE ALL HAVE SO MUCH GOING ON IN OUR OWN LIVES…RIGHT??  …ACTUALLY WRONG!  THESE ARE CHILDREN WHO NEED OUR HELP and way too many are crying out for FREEDOM from their pain…and that’s where you and I come in my friend. Each of us can do our personal part against the injustice […]

Great Test/Great Testimony

 I was recently visiting with a good friend. Her comment to me went something like this, “Nita, you always have such great testimonies that encourage me.  God does such amazing things in your life.”   Have you ever looked at someone else’s life and had a similar thought?   The truth is, if the grass is […]

Predetermined Blessings

Kris had been encouraging (read: begging) me to purchase a nicer phone. One that didn’t kick me out of apps or turn off my ringer randomly. At last, I decided to spring for a new phone. And by new I mean new to me, used by someone else. From everything I read, it seemed a […]

Who Leads Your Battle

Have you ever looked back and thought, “Wow! I really missed that one, Lord!  What happened?”  His answer might just be, “What you missed, was asking Me first!” We are all familiar with the story of Joshua and how he defeated the Philistines more than once; but there’s a part of his story that God […]

Back to Eden

  “Gardens represent deep emotional connections with  memories, people and places.” Author Unknown   Something is keeping me awake at night…S-E-E-D-S!  Every fiber of my being is awakened to the sense the time is near to cultivate the ground and launch all that potential into opportunity. Seedtime is far more exciting than harvest.  If you were […]


GATEWAY WOMEN’S CONFERENCE IS COMING TO LUBBOCK VIA SIMULCAST  AND IT’S FREE OF CHARGE Friday-Saturday, March 29-30  @Trinity Church    DO SOMETHING BRAVE AND TAKE A DAY OFF FOR YOU TO BE REFRESHED!!!!   Think about offering God your personal BEST worship —refreshing.  Yep! …… Imagine the impact on your heart and mind as God speaks “uncommon” words […]

A Journey in Perseverance

I’ve never been a fitness guru or someone who claims to enjoy beads of sweat running down my face and stinging my eyes. I never plan to run a marathon or even a half-marathon. The thought makes my knees automatically feel weak. I’m not in the best or worst shape I’ve been in. And I’m […]

The 50 Yard Line

In football, when you reach the 50 yard line you are halfway to the goal.  In marriage, when you reach the 50-year mark, it means much more than that. This month, John and I are celebrating our 50th year of marriage.  Often someone will say, “I wish I had a marriage like yours.  You guys […]

Hopeful Maybes

This was the 3rd time he’d ask me this specific question…  I had given every excuse before, even said I’d pray about it, even though I really hadn’t ask God what He thought about it.  I wanted to say a quick no, not drag out the conversation very long, explain my lack of ability and […]

Prepare a Room

My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? 3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am. John 14:2-3 […]

“And the LORD Spoke to Job Out of the Storm”

(Foreword by J. Qubty – our God is the boat that carries us through the storms of life.  Without Him we would sink and drown in our troubles.  With Him we always have that security we cling to, just as we would cling to the boat during a storm.) “The LORD spoke to Job out […]

You Know You are Loved When…

You arrive late to Flex Fitness and two groups of gals offer to move their mats to make room for you. Your grandchild asks for a piece of paper so they can make a valentine for you. Your son calls and offers to bring over some of his special homemade soup for you. Your granddaughter […]


Pantomime – the telling of a story without words by means of bodily movements, gestures, and facial expressions. “PANTOMIME” I have always been yours and so it was since the beginning of time. You, oh Lord and Me, Our identity intertwined. With robes of righteousness and a jeweled set crown, I have always been yours. […]

Sunrises and Tears

January 15th, 2018 was a Monday. I woke to eight missed calls from my mom, a voicemail, and a missed video call from my cousin. I sprung upright and woke Kris as I hit redial. My mom told me through soft sobs that her brother, David, (Uncle Vio as we called him) had passed sometime […]

God, is that You?

So how are those RESOLUTIONS coming along?  The month is almost over and there are a few that have been crossed off the list.  I find myself hopeful as the seconds tick down to a new year… hopeful that there will be some profound change in direction or destiny that I could not have seen […]

Prepared for the Unexpected

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3 This week has been a tough one. Our family suddenly lost a dear friend in an unexpected car accident. With her sudden passing it has gotten me thinking about the questions we ask when we lose someone near and dear, “How will the family […]


We are Enough, because of Him! Every morning I pour a cup of tea. It’s captured my attention. How do I know when to stop pouring? I have large cups, small cups and in-between cups. So each morning the amount of tea I get depends on one thing…the vessel! It decides how much is “enough.” […]

A Year of Seeking

Every year for the past several years, I ask God for a word to bring into the new year. This word serves as a foundation upon which I base my time spent in God’s presence. I spend the year attempting to discover what God has for me through this word and why He chose it. […]

What do Pregnancy, a Helicopter and King David Have in Common?

Learning to listen to God instead of myself My first pregnancy was a doozy. I began to swell and feel a little different before I even knew I was pregnant. I was young and thin back then and even though I had gained a little weight with the swelling, my stomach showed nothing at 3 […]

A “Do-Over” Please

The new year is upon us and our heads swirl with thoughts of things we should have done – or done differently – in 2018. We look forward into 2019 with both eager anticipation and fear of what it may bring. We have hopes for what we would love to see happen in the new […]

Little Prayers

Perhaps my first encounter with how ugly religion could be, was on a radio station’s Facebook page, many years ago. The post in question was simply an opening for their listeners to comment prayer requests. Scrolling through the comments, I stumbled upon one of the most callous exchanges I’ve ever witnessed. A lady modestly stated […]


“Perhaps this is the moment for which you were created…” Recently I had coffee with a dear friend of mine and as we sat there catching up she told me she had worn a bracelet in honor of our meeting… There engraved so beautifully was a word that I have battled with for a lifetime […]

Lois, Eunice and Marge

Sometimes the most beautiful things in life that have the biggest impact on the future appear small and insignificant. Several years ago, Joyce Meyer received a letter from a viewer who just had to tell her the story of Marge—I just gave her that name because it sounds fun. Anyway, Marge was legally blind and […]

Just Because You are Mine

God used a cute 3-year-old to teach me a powerful lesson. I love my precious three-year-old Noah Johnny. If you look up ‘cute’ in the dictionary, along with a few others, I’m quite sure you’ll find his picture. I got to pick him up after his pre-school yesterday and I was enjoying him so much […]

Little Snowflake

God used a cute 3-year-old to teach me a powerful lesson. Our prayers for snow began months before the possibility existed. In August Nathalie began asking, “Mom will it snow this year.” The mid-summer’s heat ignited hope for snow, lots of it – fluffy and abundant. I could never honestly answer the question of will […]

The Best Holiday Recipe

There is no substitution for the real thing. It was supposed to be a perfect day. Many of the people I loved were coming over for brunch and I could not be filled with any more joy. I lovingly laid out the china and crystal and then prepared a menu that would make everyone feel […]

Get In A Circle of Friends…

We all know that life is hard and it requires us to step up and fight for what is ours. Would you agree or disagree if I told you we are stronger together? I hope you said, “I agree.” When I go through the things life throws at me, I want others to come alongside […]

20 Things I Learned From Being a Widow

“Father of orphans, champion of widows, is God in His holy house.” Psalm 68:5 My name is Stacey Walton. I am a mother of two beautiful kiddos. A daughter named Myka Nicole and a son named Christopher Cade. I have been a banker since October 1998 and I have been a Christian since July 30, […]

Until We Meet Again

It is with a heavy heart I write this month’s posting. I ask that you read this as a tribute to a man that was truly one of a kind. In late April my family experienced a great loss. We lost a husband, a father, a grandfather, a brother, a friend. My grandfather, Donny Johnston […]


Have you read Pursued by Judd Wilhite? I recently read Pursued by Judd Wilhite, and it spoke volumes to me. This reading was part of preparation work for a weekend retreat I would attend. When I got the email containing 21 days of prep work, I was not excited. I am one of those rare […]

Thanking God For My Mom

Share your toys, clean your room, it’s time to come to dinner. Think of other’s before yourself, always put yourself in their shoes. I love you more. You can do it, I’ll be there, there’s no one I love more. My mom has the most beautiful way of making all five of her children feel […]

Trouble or Triumph

It is so amazing how familiar scriptures can suddenly bring on new meaning. I had one of those lightbulb moments not long ago when I was reading the story of Mary in Luke 1. In my mind it goes something like this: Mary is doing her daily chores and suddenly this angel appears. He tells […]

Glory to Glory

I was listening to a worship song the other day that was talking about God’s glory. I began to ponder the misconception I had regarding moving from glory to glory. You see in my own life, I find I want to grow. I want to move spiritually upward. I want to bear fruit, and I […]

Structurally Sound

“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” -Galatians 6:2 I have been contemplating the importance of support lately. No matter what the situation may be, having a strong support system has been the key to making it through this life for me. Let’s take it from an […]

That’s Bad Math, Jesus

Those numbers just don’t add up, Jesus. Why would you risk 99 sheep for one sheep? I just never quite understood this. I’ve always considered myself a bit of a right brain/left brain person. I will balance your checkbook and then write a poem about it! Well, it’s that math nerd part of me that […]

The Spaces In Between

Two years ago, I wrote a grant for my library to purchase an augmented reality sandbox. This sandbox shows topographic maps, water catchment areas, levees, and more. It operates through an XBox Kinect, so it picks up movement. When you shift the sand, you can see the contour lines and color-coded depths change. It’s an […]

Embrace the Tension

Hi Friends! Today I wanted to share something with you from my heart. It comes from a place of experience. I’ve seen it in my marriage, my parenting, my work, my family, my friendships….I’ve seen it in every relationship I have. Any time there is another person involved, there will be tension. I’m not talking […]


In the busyness of the past few weeks I have often caught myself uttering phrases like, “Lord, I need strengthening.” We all have those moments – or seasons – where the day is not long enough to complete the tasks before us or where our energy gives out before the tasks are done. In response […]

Crush It

Enemy! What comes to mind? How about this? This is not a rattlesnake! Any guesses on what kind it is? Soon after moving into our home we learned there was a surge in rattlesnake bites in the Lubbock area. The news story reported it was most likely because of new development pushing them out of […]

When Life Happens

The truth is, life is very unpredictable. Just recently, a friend went to the hospital for a simple medical procedure and was dead the next day. Stunned, speechless, unbelievable – could not begin to describe the myriad of emotions that flooded the room. The details of who, what, how, and when are not significant for […]

Another Lesson Learned

The last three months of 2017, I took a hiatus from reading and studying my Bible and from my prayer journal. I’m a studier by nature. I’m one of those individuals who loves packing on classes and studies and reading multiple books simultaneously. Last year was a big year of doing those things. Until it […]

New Year, New Me?

Happy New Year all! I know we are halfway through January already but this is my first chance to say it to everyone for 2018. I hope this New Year has already opened up new blessings and opportunities for each one of you. With the New Year in full-swing I have seen many posts across […]


Walking around these walls I thought by now they’d fall But You have never failed me yet Waiting for change to come Knowing the battle’s won For You have never failed me yet We’re 9 days into the New Year and I know we are all staring at walls in our lives. Is it a […]


WARNING, what you’re about to read has the potential to change your heart! It contains the proven ingredients of human faith, reckless hope and God-size love! Read carefully and digest completely for maximum benefits. The Great Physician has provided irrefutable evidence of His healing power and governing authority in our lives. On July 15th I […]

Reflections & Lessons from 2017

As 2017 is rapidly drawing to a close, I’ve found myself reflecting over the past year. I had a plan last New Year’s Eve that we would start a new tradition in the Huber household, (let me first say it didn’t get implemented and today I sure wish it had), to keep a jar on […]

After Christmas – Not for Sale

Well for many families, the hustle and bustle has settled… Christmas has come and gone. Today is usually the day many of us will rush out and catch the AFTER CHRISTMAS SALES. Every year I go and buy a few things that I had my eye on, but wasn’t able to purchase. I mean who […]