Weakness or Strength? by Gloria Toti

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PRIZE is a community that offers every woman the opportunity to connect with other women, be trained in personal development and be empowered to take her rightful place with her calling in tHis world. Oh sweet friends, our need for each other is not a weakness, it’s a strength.  As our Prize community gets stronger, […]

Each Day Counts by Gloria Toti

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Even if we aren’t trying, with each passing day on this earth each of us sends something into the eternal realm. And then the sum-total moments of our lives build a story. The storyline will include our BIG yes and no moments. The pages will be filled with beautiful highlights of our unique expression and […]

Please Say Yes! by Gloria Toti

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    Today is day three of sharing our hearts with our readers – and we are more than excited to announce that awesome Prize Events will be coming your way each quarter—we want to average one every three months. WHY? It’s simple. We know that women work HARD and are so willing to put […]