Get to know me better by Analissa Jimenez

with all your heart

What are your favorite hobbies? I love to read & cook! What is your favorite restaurant in Lubbock? Stella’s, not because I eat there often but that’s where my husband proposed to me. Are you a morning person or a night owl? More of a mid-day kind of gal. Tell us an interesting fact about […]

Her favorite part about me, by Terisa Clark

mom daughter pic

  Recently my daughter squeezed my arm with great force and proclaimed, “Mom, I love your arms.  It’s my favorite part about you.  If I could not see I would still know it was you by the way your arm feels.” She was referring to the “squishy” part of my arms that I have named […]

Children Are Great Teachers by Gloria Toti


  Yesterday was Sunday. My Sunday routine is get up and get to church. One could say, Gloria, you are married to a minister – of course that is your routine. But actually, the routine began way before I met the minister, Carl Toti. This routine has been part of life…as in ALL OF MY […]