Social Security By Denise Dietz

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 I feel the tug.  Time.  Attention.  Why is it so strong?  As if another like, accolade or praise would cure the disease.  It’s the weakness of my life, a driving force for security.  I first noticed it creeping back in as I re-entered the social media world.  Then, my struggle became three dimensional.  Motives tested […]

A Simple Gift by Nita Kuehn

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  A few days ago, two of my precious grandkids were spending the afternoon with me.  They proudly showed me their battle scars (band aids) from their recent flu shots; AND the packages of clay they had gotten as a reward. I pulled out a big sheet of plastic and we began the “adventure in […]

Welcome December and a few changes…by Gloria Toti

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  As life changes, so do the responsibilities of our authors. Some come on and some go off for a while and some stay off permanently. With the shifts of life, we are in need of some of new authors —or shall I say, we are in need of you out there who love to […]