Can’t Take That for Granted By Laura McGrew

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  Think about a typical day in your life: eat breakfast, take the kids to school, head to work, pick up dinner, meet with your life group, then fall into bed after watching the 700 Club on TBN until late in the evening. Does that sound familiar? Many of us experience days like that on […]

Embrace Grace Changes Lives By Laura McGrew


Have you ever made a mistake, then hoped and prayed no one would discover it? Like buying something perishable at the store, then forgetting it in the car and hoping it will still be good when you finally refrigerate it?  Or realizing you accidentally threw your hubby’s favorite white shirt in a tub of red […]

Propel By: Gloria Toti

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The Propel GROWTH life group is coming January 18th, and we have begun the stretching exercises. If we stretch to grow in strength physically, why not spiritually? If you are asking what a spiritual stretch looks like, let me share a few: Lord, I want everything you have for me. Give me a greater hunger […]