A lemon tree cannot produce cherries by Gloria Toti

Our thoughts are tied to our belief systems.

All day long we have the power to produce awesome sweet fruit or defeating sour fruit.

It’s shocking how we are getting close to the end of the year – January was here not too long ago?

I remember thinking about new year’s resolutions of which I am not really good at keeping, and I know most of you are not good at it either.  Right?

I do remember thinking 2020 was going to be significant.

Great thoughts rumbled around my head.

And then March came around and our world changed in ways no one could have predicted.  How quickly, we were positioned from – “it’s going to be the best year ever” to  an overwhelming reality that daunts us with thoughts of a new way of existing with masks of our faces.  How many times have you forgotten yours?

I had such high hopes for 2020 – spiritual vision was my outlook.

But now, I believe we have all felt the invisible walls of evil trying to enclose us.

We can’t let that be.

We all will have to continue fighting thoughts that tells us this is going to be the worst stinking year anyone could have wished for.  If we allow ourselves to entertain defeat and only focus on our loss, we are going to be miserable.

We must have mind work outs that allow our heads and our hearts to get into alignment.  Because our belief system has roots and we produce fruit daily.

We see Jesus using a tree to show us a truth in the book of Matthew when he

said, “A tree is recognized by its fruit”.

We can’t produce cherries from a lemon tree.

Our fruit will be consistent with our root system every time. In other words, our hearts cannot be producing cherries while we let our minds produce lemons.

We can’t continue to say one thing and then turn around and live out something different.

How do we do that?
We pay attention to our deep, abiding feelings because they will give us clues to our deepest beliefs truly are.

A lemon tree produces lemons. No matter how much you want cherries, you will never find them on a lemon tree.

In the same way, a misbelief will not produce good results in your life because it can’t. So, if you can’t seem to get the results you want in a particular area of your life, you likely hold a misbelief in that area.
Our deepest beliefs are usually formed without conscious actions on our part. However, these beliefs, right or wrong, always result in outward behavior. Whatever you believe deep down in your heart, you will experience in your life. Your heart is your control center – whatever is going on in your heart will eventually become visible in your life.

Much of what happens in life results from these heart beliefs, yet few people take the time to understand what they believe to ensure it’s right. More often we simply blame our circumstances when things go wrong. But your circumstances don’t control your life; your beliefs do.

What does your behavior indicate about your deepest beliefs? What clues to your personal belief system can you find in the fruit – the results – in your life? Make no mistake, the two are related. Your deepest beliefs are powerfully shaping your life. Are those beliefs in line with God’s truth?

The life you have right now is a snapshot of your heart. If you hold a misbelief in your heart, no positive affirmation or self-talk will change your life. That misbelief will produce negative results because it comes from your heart.

It’s time to deal with your belief system by going after the truth in God’s Word. If you are struggling to change, you’re not alone. Spend time meditating on his Word. Find a life-giving church and become part of the growing community. Study to find out the beautiful plans God has for you and how much he loves you.

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  1. Mary Basinger

    Great lesson, my belief and hope is is Jesus. Lord keep my eyes on you and not the circumstances around me, I know you are ultimately in control no matter what that outcome is. It is your purpose for my life. Let me accept it and walk with you.

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