Help My Little Faith! by Dianna Huber

Scripture tells a story about a father who, I’m sure, was not unlike many fathers.  He’s known for his desperation and plea for faith, but I wonder what led to that encounter…Where did the spark come from that said that day was a day of possibility, that there was finally hope in the “waiting room”?  Surely there was buzz around town, and it all centered around this man named Jesus.  He was a prophet, and more importantly, He was healing people and setting others free.  Maybe, He was the answer to this family’s deepest need…

These past few weeks have found me sitting in a few doctor’s waiting rooms.  I’m facing the music on some pain I’m feeling, and after visiting two different doctors, a third visit found me in an imaging test.  As I counted the number of images being taken in one spot, fear began to take hold…

The enemy likes to prey on our moments of weakness.  The Bible says he prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8).  He doesn’t play fair.  He waits for when we’re most vulnerable, and then he starts to spin, “what if’s?” in our minds and hearts that question the character of God…

There’s a story in Mark 9, where a distraught father faces down his biggest demons (literally!).  After years of turmoil, he brings his demon-possessed son to Jesus in a desperate plea for healing:  “But please, if you’re able to do something, anything–have compassion on us and help us!” (vs. 22 TPT)  He’s facing down his giant…one he’s faced since this boy’s childhood.  He’s run out of options; now maybe, Jesus can help.

See how Jesus responds, “‘What do you mean ‘if’?  If you are able to believe, all things are possible to the believer.’”  The father cries out, “‘I do believe, Lord; help my little faith!’” (vs. 23-24 TPT)

It’s hard to have faith in the midst of the crisis.  It’s easier to see the overwhelming problems, to feel the pain and wonder, to wrestle with the uncertainty of the moment.  We run to Jesus and cry, “Help me!” and often, like this father, we cry, “I do believe, help my unbelief!”  

There may be several facing down giants of fear and circumstance.  To each of you: 

  1. Run to Jesus!  
  2. Take every thought captive (2 Cor. 10:5)  Don’t let the enemy or your circumstance become bigger than Jesus.  
  3. Get in the Word.  Hebrews 10:17 says the WAY TO BUILD FAITH is by hearing the Word of God.  
  4. Worship!  Change the atmosphere.  Crank up the worship and profess Who Jesus is. 
  5. Find friends and trusted mentors or prayer partners to walk with you.  
  6. Come to the altar and ask for prayer. (James 5:17)

It’s difficult to be in the waiting room, with few answers and looming problems.  Take heart; you’re not alone.  Jesus is there! 



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  1. Mari

    oh yes! This was a great read. In the waiting room myself and believing God is still faithful. Lord help my unbelief! Thank you for the reminder Pastor D.

  2. Connie Englund

    You are an amazing woman of God. Your testimony is His glory

  3. Linda Johnson

    What a great reminder to hold on to our faith and not let the enemy win with his fear. Well done!

  4. MoMo

    This is great! It’s easy to encourage others but when we are faced with real fear ourselves we need to put into practice what we preach! How could we ever for a minute forget WHO is in charge and to WHOM we turn to in the big middle of serious fear? Thank you for being you Pastor D!!♥️

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