From A Nobody To A Somebody by Gloria Toti


Do you think the story of Zacchaeus would make a great superhero movie?  I do.

We could call it:

The man who went from being small and unseen to being tall and significant.  

This holiday season if you feel small and unseen, I dare you to open up your Bible and read about a man named Zacchaeus.  You can’t miss the words—”small statured.”  

This man had grown up being physically short, and when he heard Jesus was coming through, he decided to climb a tree.  This man decided to do something brave to get a passing glimpse of Jesus, but Jesus wanted the glimpse to change his life.  He did. 

In the middle of his searching, God called him out and then made Himself a guest in His home.  As in He invited himself over to his home.  I love Jesus.

Luke 19:9-10 declares,

“Salvation has come to this home today, for this man has shown himself to be a true son of Abraham. For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost.”  Over and over, Jesus disrupted the status quo. The Jewish people expected one thing and Jesus gave them another. They expected Him to make His grand entrance with pomp and circumstance, but He entered the world through the womb of a poor, teenage girl. 

They expected a powerful king that would overthrow Rome. Instead, they got a humble servant who suffered and died for His people. 

And, consequently, whose resurrection victory overthrew the very powers of hell. 

They expected a king who’d abide by the law and maintain social distance from those who’d made a real mess of their lives. 

Instead, they got a King who broke tradition and yet fulfilled the law, and who crossed social barriers to reach the messy, hurting, humble heart.

Jesus continually frustrated those with rigid expectations, yet He delighted those who expected nothing but at times dared to hope for something.

I’ve been startled by His unexpected goodness in moments when I was only focused on my predictable badness.  Tell me you have experienced that power as well.  If not, you can.  

I’ve been amazed by His mercy when I knew I deserved judgment. I’ve been astounded by His faithfulness when I’ve only given Him a few seeds of feeble faith. Over and over, Jesus shows Himself to be strong and gentle, patient and powerful, tried and true. 

He doesn’t belong in a box, and He’s not bound by formulas.  He is the King of an everlasting kingdom, and we are His joint heirs. He promised we’d have trouble in this life, but He calls us to be of good cheer because He’s already overcome, which means we will overcome.  

My friends, ask Him for strength to climb up to see things you haven’t seen before and to experience more of His goodness as you close out this year. 

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