I Dreamed I Went To Heaven

Somewhere in my sleep last night I dreamed I was in Heaven. I found myself in a sea of blue and soft clouds.  There were people as far as I could see, and everyone was walking forward.  It wasn’t crowded or pushy.  Everything was just peaceful.  I knew we were all walking towards our King.  At first, I fell in and walked along, not wanting to cut in front of someone who had been there longer, but then I couldn’t take it any longer!  I began to run like I had never run before. My body felt great!  Nothing hurt, nothing was sore or tight.  My body was strong and buzzing with exhilaration.  As I continued to run, I realized that I heard my name being called.  I stopped and turned (that was easy too!)  and there He stood; my Jesus.  He was right beside me.  He looked at me with a huge smile and I smiled back.  Then He began to laugh the most joyous laugh and I returned it with my own.  It was one of those belly laughs that makes you cry.  I was running to find Him, and He was right beside me the whole time.   When I finally caught my breath from the Joy, I stopped and gazed at Him.  My body began to quiver.  Part of me wanted to grab Him and hold Him and let Him hold me and never let me go.  The other part wanted to bow in submission and praise Him.  He accepted my love and adoration right where I was.

I woke up feeling so peaceful and awesome.  I could still remember how great it felt to run.  I could still hear His laughter.  I could see the smile on His beautiful face.  But mostly, I could still remember that while I was running to find Him, He was already right beside me.  That kind of love is beyond explanation.

I wondered if God was trying to tell me something more.  Where do I run when fears, anxieties, frustrations and grief are coming through my door?  Am I running away or am I running to…?  I need to stop.  He’s already got everything under control.  He’s already here.

Whatever valley or mountain I find myself on, it’s like my little Joshua told me a few days ago, “Walking beside quiet waters means Peace, MaMa.”  Jesus is our quiet water. I want to swim in that water.  Wherever we go, He is there.  We can’t go far enough to ‘outrun’ Him.

I am thankful for a glimpse of Heaven and at the same time mindful that Heaven is here with us. Whatever trials you are facing, run only in the courage and strength of the One who loves you so. But don’t forget to dip your feet in that Water.  Jesus keeps step with you all the way. He offers His Peace, His Comfort, His Encouragement, His Healing… And He does it all with a huge smile on His face…

Be blessed.


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  1. donna ogle

    While reading this and your description of Jesus, tears filled my eyes. How beautiful.
    Thank you again, Diane

  2. Peggy Anderson

    Great sharing words. I too filled with tears in my eyes. Very tender moment. I look forward to going to heaven. No pain and I can run again Blessings. Peggy Anderson

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