Is The American Dream Still Alive? by Gloria Toti


How confident are you that life will be better for the next generation?
I am not confident, and I don’t think you are either.
25 years ago, a poll was conducted in America with that question:
Are you confident life will be better for the next generation?
68% of individuals polled shared how they were confident their children and grandchildren would fare well in their future endeavors.  Well, the poll today has a different outcome. We all know our world is not the same world we once knew. Only 21% believe children will succeed in living the American dream.
What happened over the past 25 years that changed our society?  When we forced God out, we also welcomed the dumbing down of a society.
We opened up our city gates and way too many are trying hard to live life without the creator’s guidance.  Not smart.
Watching a nation unravel is heartbreaking.
There are days when I think about how raw the emotions of the patriarchs and prophets are penned in the Bible.  They watched the nation of Israel implode, and I get it.
The dream my parents and grandparents’ hearts became the voice of a coach.  Neither of them had riches, but they had a value system of honoring God and working hard.
They knew and modeled for us how anyone could rise from hard circumstances if they chose to see themselves as God saw them.
They knew in their hearts if one honors God He honors them.
They knew the value of work.  I saw it work in both of those generations.
The dream was the undertow, the foundation, the roadmap of how one would become a productive citizen by honoring God and then watching Him honor those who believed God would bless.
That priceless life-lesson still serves me to this day.  But today, kids are seeing that modeled.  There is an attitude of hopeless and pessimism.
I know the inspiration my parents and grandparents transferred to us is a tall order.  I’ve heard the stories of how it was hard, but they did it.  Some days I wonder what the future looks like for young parents.  I don’t find myself holding that tall inspiration for my grandchildren.
Society is not playing by God’s rules, and we know that God is not mocked.
The outcome will be different for them, and that is not fair.
Join us next week as we continue the conversation.

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