Leave Our Kids Alone by Gloria Toti


It’s been said that parenting is the hardest job in the world.

I would have to agree and it’s the job that never goes away.  

Love was never intended to be an 18-year commitment.  As we can tell our children will never leave our hearts.

The love and care changes as they age, but the foundation of the family unit is always ready to carry a little or a big in a child at the drop of a hat.  Many of you know what I am talking about.

I just learned that a recent study by Pew Research revealed “most parents (62%) say being a parent has been at least somewhat harder than they expected with about a quarter (26%) saying it’s been a lot harder.  If parenting wasn’t hard enough, today we have a culture adding yet another stressor with their progressive school policies longing to change their innocent minds into confused minds.






a giant step

toward the harder lane.  

You will have to be very attentive in raising your children.  You will have to partner with God like never before.  These are spiritual battles at play.  You have to take on the mindset that there is nothing mundane in raising today’s children.  Ask God for discernment, wisdom, patience, grace, and strength for the days ahead.  Our children and grandchildren are headed to the front lines of this slanted world’s system.  They will need every bit of your prayed-up self.  We are not enough to make this happen, and we will need supernatural.

We will need to rely on a God who knows where the landmines are buried.

I am pleased to see parents are rallying other parents to continue protesting against the progressive school policies that aim to keep children’s gender identities a secret.  Momma bears continue to rise and let your voices be heard.  Fathers continue to show others on how their voices matter.

Today, I want to ask you to join me in praying for kids in these school systems across our country.

These are little kids who look to adults to assist them in learning how to succeed are vulnerable without strong advocates that want to protect them.  It’s alarming to see how the enemy is no longer content in waiting for our kids to reach middle school years to try to confuse them.  He is in their face.

This new ideology is a not a new path but a very old one called sin.  This path is a not a path success but the road to unthinkable destruction.  Friends let’s rally in prayer each day for children who do not have strong advocates fighting for their value.

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