Lubbock, You Did It by Gloria Toti

LIFE has been declared as valuable in our community, and this was no small undertaking.

Wow, what a journey and a wonderful victory we have achieved together!

In 2020, an outcry arose up in our community when we heard the news of how Planned Parenthood was making plans to come back in our city. That outcry was heard by many, and the Project Destiny Lubbock team was born.

Believers came together in unity of will and of purpose, each contributing their part to face and to overcome the challenges and to pass the city-wide vote making Lubbock a Sanctuary City for the Unborn.

The Christ-followers were needed, and we saw pastors and their congregations rise up—close to 200 churches came together in unity to stand for LIFE.  Wow, what a job you did!  Thank you.

Many of you may not know that we started off eight points behind. In order to win, we needed to turn out a different voter than who would normally vote in a typical May election, and they showed up!

WE, we value life because we value what God loves, and we are all created in His image. Life is precious both inside and outside of the womb.

On Saturday night, we received a wonderful collection of diapers which were displayed on May 1st as we celebrated our victory, and it was a clear picture of the fact that BABIES IN THE WOMB ARE NOT DISPOSABLE, diapers are.



So, mommas, if you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, we want to walk alongside you.  Lubbock has so many great ministries ready to assist women if they are facing an unexpected pregnancy.  Heartline happens to be right in the middle of downtown, close to the Tech campus, and it is one of those ministries.  None of us are intended to do life alone!

The word commUNITY has the word unity tucked right in there.

It’s obvious that we are to help one other and to care for one another’s needs.

Just because the polls are closed doesn’t mean we stop showing up for the needs of our community.

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  1. Gary O Boren

    I Totally Agree & Support but now the critical part of making sure Mayor Dan Pope, Mayor Pro-Tem Steve Massengale ( who is planning to run for mayor when Pope finishes this term) and the rest of those city council members, City Mgr Jared Atkinson enforce the ordinance!
    Mayor Dan Pope was on 580am radio saying the city WOULD NOT enforce the Ordinance against Planned Parenthood!.

  2. Gloria Toti

    Gary, what can we do about that? The people of this community have voted…

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