Peace, Worship and Advent by Gloria Toti

What’s on your desired Christmas list this year?  I bet many would say PEACE.

I sense many in our culture would say NO to the type of gadgets we asked for last year knowing that 2020 has shed light on what truly matters in life.

Shopping lists will probably be much more simplified this year.

Peace in family systems would probably be ranked at the top of the list if peace could be purchased in a local store—but, it can’t be purchased with money because it is not earthly.

The advent season is upon us, and it is as divine as the day it began. It still has the power to offer gifts to all who want them.

If you are like me, maybe you didn’t grow up hearing the word advent in your homes.

It simply means the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event –that’s what Christmas is all about.  JESUS came to earth to offer us peace.

How many of us need peace this Christmas season?  I do.  My family does.  My parents do.  My sisters do.  My nieces and nephews do.  We all need peace.

Advent is so rich it has a second layer to it – it also means a second coming – as in  Jesus is coming back for us one day soon to take us to his kingdom.  His original plan for mankind will be performed, and we all have been invited into the storyline.

That Truth is—its like winning the spiritual lottery without paying for the ticket.

You see, we are all called to have an everlasting preoccupation with this strong and loving God.

Why did Christ come? In order that He might make worshippers out of rebels.

We were created to worship…to express in some appropriate manner what we feel. It means to feel in the heart.  There is a secret law of the soul that moves toward our mental image of God…but our worship rises and falls with our concept of God.

If you need confidence, step into the place where boundless confidence lives.

And, then get ready to move toward the overwhelming admiration that appreciates the excellency of God Himself.

And, then have a seat and get really comfortable in the heavenlies that allows your mind to be filled with fascination

And, then move to your knees my friends because adoration is about to flood your soul, and you will be struck with a moral excitement—inconceivable elevation – and a splendor that will fill your heart as you worship God Almighty,

And, be warned that at times this kind of worship will lead to breathless silence.

I think it’s time to break the bylaws of the universal church, and let’s stop telling God to behave as we worship Him.  Let’s allow God move as He desires in our hearts, in our churches, and in our world…and let’s become worshipers.

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  1. Mary Basinger

    This Christmas is so exciting. We don’t know the personal plan for our Christmas this year but like the song I just feel like something good is about to happen and yes Jesus what ever it is you have for me(us) I wait with excitement.

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