Promised Land Parenting by Keeley Schafer

The moment they had been waiting for was right before them. God had miraculously liberated the Israelites from a 400 year stronghold from Egyptian slavery. They had walked on dry ground with the watery Red Sea walls on either side of them. They had awoken each and every morning to bread served straight from Heaven. They were protected and covered by a pillar of fire by night and a canopy cloud by day. God had shown them over and over again that he would take care them. It was about to go down and all that was left was a simple check of the land that had their names written all over it.

Twelve spies were sent out. The people waited in eager anticipation to hear about this amazing promised land that God was giving them. Upon their return, ten spies said, “The land is beautiful. In fact, it’s pretty awesome but terrifying giants live there. We’ll never be able to beat them. It’s a no go. We’re goners.”

The other two spies, Joshua and Caleb, piped in and proclaimed, “We can do this! God is on our side. It is a land that flows with milk and honey. Let’s go now. It’s ours for the taking!” Twelve men saw the same land but their perspectives were totally different. Ten men viewed the area through the eyes of fear and two men surveyed the region through the eyes of the promise. 

When it comes to parenting, it’s all in the way we see the land before us. If we look at raising kids as the ten spies, we could easily say, “Man, I’m so afraid for my kids. It’s a scary world out there and they’ll have to combat things I never had to deal with when I was young. Enemies will confront them and they’ll encounter incredible opposition. I don’t know if they’ll be able to make it.”

If we observe the territory as Joshua and Caleb, we can boldly declare, “My kids were born for such a time as this. They are lights in the world and the darkness will not overtake them. They are called by God and are endued with His power and might. They are well able to flourish and thrive on this earth.”

Did Joshua and Caleb think there wouldn’t be battles? No. They knew they would have to exert some effort and probably face things their flesh would want to run from. But they wouldn’t have to conquer the land in their own ability. They were not alone. And parents, you are NOT alone. God has equipped and commissioned you to raise your children in this time and hour. You have a history with Him. Through His power, you can take the promised land and fully expect your children to lead successful, influential, God-centered lives. Don’t be afraid. The land is GOOD and it belongs to your family.


   Keeley Schafer 

Host of Generation Arrow Podcast

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