Finding Moments of Stillness

Our family seems to have something important to do every single night of the week. Friday evenings are pizza and movie night, a time for us to sit back and enjoy being together as a family. It’s our only night most weeks, and even still we have dance and martial arts right after my school day ends. All the crazy and chaos could easily keep me distracted, stressed, and constantly on the go. What keeps me going?


I often ask myself that exact question. I feel like Satan creeps in with his brand of temptations in the moments when life is busiest. He tries hard to distract me and wear me down. Some days he’s more successful than others. Ephesians 6:17 says: “Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.” Staying in God’s Word is something I must intentionally do. Every day. As I get ready for work, I listen to my YouVersion Bible plan. Then, during daily happenings, I seek quiet moments of stillness in which I can read, listen, and pray. These precious moments may last two minutes or an hour. No matter how long they are, my soul craves them more than anything.


As I go over my schedule, I wonder how I will find moments of stillness. I don’t necessarily schedule them. I ask God to somehow provide them throughout the day. What amazes me is that He faithfully works them in for me. I don’t always know that’s what He’s doing. The Holy Spirit may prompt me to go into my office and open one of my daily devotionals, spend a few moments in prayer, or listen to my Bible.  Sometimes I argue with God that I don’t have time, but He always proves me wrong. I am at my best when I’ve spent time with my Heavenly Father.


I don’t always get it right. On the days we don’t have work, Carl and I sleep a little late then run errands and try to get the house cleaned up. Weekends are particularly hard for us as parents because our kids would much rather play and make messes than run around and clean. I find when I start my day with a devotional or two – before I even get up – I don’t yell or lose my temper when we fail to get everything done on our list. I love spending my moments of stillness first thing in the morning. It sets a great precedence for my day. But just spending time with God in the morning is not enough. I need moments of stillness spread throughout my entire day in order to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus.


How do you find your moments of stillness? Do you schedule them or does God surprise you by providing them throughout your day? No matter how you find your moments, I pray you are refreshed and renewed by our God whose grace is sufficient for you. Blessings!


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  1. Joyce Herron

    I bought all of my children and one granddaughter, a Passion Bible after I asked if they would like to read with me, only one chapter a day, trying not to make it too difficult to accomplish what with children and busy work days. They all said “Yes”. I do not check to see if they are doing so but I believe they are. I do find that I MUST read it because I have challenged them
    to read it. I do not have a particular time but I love early mornings to study the Word. I like evenings or sleepless nights to listen to sermons, read The Word for Seniors, write in my journal what I feel the Lord is speaking for future decades. I was
    influenced by writings of my grandmother from early 1900’s. I trust I can do the same.

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