Nudity An Expression of Art – I disagree! by Gloria Toti

And a robot just sold for $100,000 and it will be used as a sex partner.

This is true and very sad.


If you are trying to box with God, you better give up because your arms are way too short to win.

How is it that we allow the enemy to borrow our brains, our hearts, our minds, and our bodies in order to reinvent ways to dishonor ourselves?  As God’s creation, you would think we would learn the lessons from those who have gone before us and that we would gladly surrender to live life on God’s terms, but that is not at all what we do. Instead, we reject God’s ways of safety believing the lie that God’s way of living is so restrictive.


Each morning I click on the news to see what people have chosen to do while I have chosen to sleep. On some days, I swallow hard, blink repeatedly in disbelief and I whisper God help us.


Depravity is no longer just being reported here and there, it is now found taking center stage in unprecedented ways and we can’t just sit by and be shocked.  We need to take action and start living up to what God said is possible – our lives were meant to be used for good and not for bad.

It’s time to stop and realize how the culture around us enticing us into sinning in the name of freedom and power.  It might be popular, but it’s still wrong.

We need to recognize that our faith is old, and our prayers might be cold.

The tactics of the enemy haven’t changed much – He gets us to doubt God.  He gets us to feed our flesh rather than our spirits.  He gets us to start fighting God rather than his lies.

In Exodus 17, we read about the Amalekites attacking God’s people in the days of Moses.  They were a nomadic tribe who were known to wipe out the entire food supply of God’s people.  No food is serious.

The sad part of this story is how the Amalekites were descendants of Esau – the grandson of Abraham, and also descendants of Ephraim who happened to be the son of Joseph.

They were related and supposed to be working together against their common enemy but instead became enemies.

If you know your Bible, you know that Esau rebelled hard against God.  He had fleshly appetites for the things of this world and vehemently chose to snub God’s instruction.

The Amalekites became allies of the Midianites who sinned grievously worshiping the local deity, Baal-Peor.  The combination of sexual licentiousness and idolatry became a temptation for God’s people, and it led them to promiscuity and unprincipled sexual matters.

Friends, the world has it wrong.
We can no longer be found running wild.  God has it right.

I am heartbroken over two news articles I saw in the news…maybe you saw them too.

Let me add a disclaimer before I tell you what I saw – yes it was that bad.

The first article consisted of a lady who decided to pose naked in vulgar yoga stances in front of riot police in Portland Oregon.

The woman making her statement Saturday was altogether uninhibited.  And not one rioter tried to cover her up with clothing – the one male who stepped up to use his shield as protection was refused by the lady herself.

I had no idea that America protects this behavior rather than condemn as evil:  I’m going to quote the article and I want to know if your reaction was as strong as mine:

“Courts have held that appearing nude in Portland is a protected form of political expression, superseding bans on public indecency” 

If a girl saw herself for who she really is she would never want to participate in such depravity.  She needs our message.

The second article was about the machinery but not washing machines or refrigerators, no this was about robots becoming sex partners:

The article touted that this particular sex robot sold for 100,000 and the article talked about the uniqueness of the bot who was she was made to look like the image of a modern-day comedian.

And this is where the story gets more twisted.  The comedian then appeared on stage with her twin robot and she thought it was entertaining.

What are we doing? 

Order a sex robot to have a make-believe perverted relationship with a machine.  This is sickening.  We are spiritually bankrupt if this stuff doesn’t bother us. 

WE ARE AT WAR is no longer a spiritual cliche…

As Carl mentioned yesterday, we all have to contend with the world, our flesh, and the devil. Esau and Moses did the same in their day and yet these two men have very different stories of how they responded to God’s voice and the alliances they formed.

Our battle with the flesh is represented in the battle with the Amalekites.

Both Joshua and Moses had a strategy. They didn’t fight alone.  Nor did they just bow and pray for everything to change.   No Moses prayed and Joshua fought – war requires both of these things to happen in order to win.  They also got others involved.

When you get tired of losing, TEAM GOD – JESUS AND THE HOLY SPIRIT have a plan for you and your family.  It’s never too late.  So, stop numbing out on Netflix and get in the fight for your life and the life of your family.  God has what you need.

It’s Time To Fight Back For The Sake of God’s Honor And The Dignity OF ALL His Creation.







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  1. Janice Shannon

    This message is very timely! I cannot believe all the chaos, the perversions, the bitterness, the hatred, all around us. There is so much dishonorable, and disrespectful behavior and it makes me sad and mad at the same time. Thank you for this article, it is well written and helpful to direct us to renew our personal battles! To gain new strength in our prayer life and make sure our lives reflect our Christian values all of the time. Thank you for caring!

  2. Carol Hernandez Ramirez

    Loved this message! Just recently as I was scrolling through Facebook, I was appalled to see that someone I know had posted a location called The Museum of Death that they just couldn’t wait to go see!! 🤦🏼‍♀️ I just don’t understand why? I pray for these souls to seek God and His love! And this message just hit that same crazy, morbid curiosity that so many lost souls seek! I pray that this family member seeks God and I will do my part to bring them to the Only One that can save them and cast these curiosities away.

  3. Joyce Herron

    Thank you Gloria for your comments. You are a very special lady doing a tremendous work for the Lord and for the
    people who depend on you and Pastor to spread the Word of the Lord. Because of my age, 88, I do not go into
    crowds. I miss church so much but I will continue to listen to the sermons and support the church. May the favor of the Lord our God rest on you and enrich the work of your hands. You are a great blessing to many.

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