Humans Are Not Like Caterpillars by Gloria Toti

Not even young kids would confuse a caterpillar with a butterfly.

It’s true that caterpillars become butterflies! 

Each caterpillar has the power to transform and change into something new because it was designed by God to do so with its own unique DNA.

As adults, we understand the concept of metamorphosis; young children are a different story.  Their innocent minds are going to be curious.

They will not just dose off to sleep the night you tell them they are the same—yet different.  

Telling them that a caterpillar becomes something it was not can naturally lead to lots of questions…like these:

Can they become a bird as well?  

Can they go back to being a caterpillar after they are a butterfly? 

Can they choose to stay a caterpillar and not change?

It is amazing how these innocent minds will clearly see a caterpillar and understand it has legs, not wings.  They might even ask – “Mom, what happens to its legs?” 

Their inquisitive minds will want answers.

You might be saying, that’s cute Gloria, but what do caterpillars and butterflies have to do with me?  

A LOT, and I’m glad you asked.  

Today, some children are being taught that humans can have a metamorphosis experience and become something altogether different.  But there is a problem with that; it’s simply not true.  Humans are not able to transform their bodies like a caterpillar can.  It’s not God’s design.  

Society’s attempts to convince young minds in current culture that humans can evolve into the sex of choice is causing confusion to spread like wildfire.

Talk about puzzling questions children are left to entertain.  They are no longer focusing on topics like bugs, bicycles, and balls; they are being introduced to precarious conversations about becoming something they are not… and will never be.  

Although God never changes, everything He invites us to on this earth involves change and it starts in the heart.

This week, I was saddened to see how a trans-athlete was nominated as the athlete of the year.  I don’t think that is fair, and I do not wish to be rude to this young man who mistakenly believes in his heart that he is a female.  His DNA will never change.  He will always be a man as God designed him to be.  

The transformation God allowed for humans is one that takes place in our hearts.  He is the one who can cut away false beliefs and lies from our lives.  

Metamorphosis of the heart not always easy, but it is doable with God’s help.  It was never His intent for a one-winged butterfly to fly.  He knew it would take two wings in order to get off the ground….to stay up in the air …and to enjoy the new life God made available for all his creatures in His creation.  We are no different.  

When we stay in our God-given lanes of existence, life is abundant.

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  1. Ruby

    Beautiful said. Sometimes I want to speak up and then I feel it is not my place. Yet my belief and my faith tells me that creation was man and woman.

  2. Connie Englund

    Amen. It is so sad that adults can confuse a child’s mind instead of telling them the truth to their questions. May the Holy Spirit be their counselor and guide them into the truth of God according to His word. May our Heavenly Father send godly people into their lives to be the right kind of example for them. May we as Christians stand up and be that example. The harvest is ready. May I do my part in the field of workers for His kingdom.

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