Is Your Brain Tired by Gloria Toti

Friends, are you seeing or feeling what is going on all around us?  

Stress wants to be our master.  

Our minds are under attack in new ways, and it can lead to unhealthy rhythms if we let it run amuck. 

Think about your thought process for about 20 minutes.  I bet negativity is germinating in that space.   Now multiply those minutes…and what do we get.  

A lot of anxiety.  And, my friends, that is not God’s intent.  

He wants us to experience joy.  

Our minds tend to hold onto things that don’t serve us.


This is because

humans have a natural

Negativity Bias

I spaced that out so you could read it with intentionality.

Our brain is constantly scanning the environment for dangers and threats to escape.

Our Negativity Bias attracts negative things in our environment and lets it in underneath the surface. 

Even though we experience 3x more positive events than negative events, this bias in our brains gives more weight to negative events.

Unconscious negativity is all the stuff our brains are letting in past our filters.


This gathers in our brain until it becomes 


overstimulated, and overwhelmed.


We need some deep spring cleaning for our brains.  Let’s forget the windowsills and base boards in our homes, or in our car vents –  let’s get to the important work that allows us to experience peace. 

To clear your mind is to provide an outlet for all this unconscious negativity to flow out of your brain. It’s detoxing from the negativity in your environment.

Once your brain feels overwhelmed with all the negativity it has let in, then you engage in self-sabotaging behaviors. 

Your mind will tell you to treat yourself to pleasures or engage in protection measures that only reinforce the stress in your life.

Clearing your mind helps you stop self-sabotage and return to a joyful headspace.

I would like to pray for God to help us all detox from the negativity that we have stuffed into our emotional closets.  

Once the door is opened, it all comes tumbling out because we haven’t dealt or processed through the crap in a healthy way. I hope I didn’t offend you by using that c-word. If so, I apologize.  

So, how do we get free?  We stop pretending all is well when it isn’t.

We tell someone.

We ask God to help us.

We seek help with a professional or with a strong spiritual friend.  

Joyful head space was God’s intent for us – He held His end of the deal for His beloved, now it’s our turn to return the effort.  

Life is waiting on the other end of the journey. Let’s stop allowing fear to be our master.

Let’s be brave, bold, and beautiful.

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  1. Tina+Gonzalez

    LOVE THIS! 💘 Speaks Volumes…..
    Its so easy to get trapped into negativity and the earthly vacuum of this world. Thanks Ms. Gloria!! 🌍👑🗡

  2. Vicky+Palmer

    Praying God will give us all the courage to clear our minds of the excessively busy and rest in the calm and quiet as we listen for His word to strengthen our minds and spirit!

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