Love Covered My Sin By Gloria Toti

Has your mouth been in time out lately? Mine should have been.

How can a Christian think and then speak uglies in the middle of a heated discussion with a
family member you love dearly? I bet you just thought – oooh, I wonder what she said, and who
she said it to? Human nature gets the best of us from time to time, or should I say curiosity?

I’ll be brutally honest and tell on myself. It was my beloved husband. Carl. In the moment, it
sounded like the right thing to do. Today, I am embarrassed to say the least. But I will say,
repenting is a beautiful thing. I love those spiritual baths with extra soap that God gives us
when we blow it. And I hope you are not looking at me funny right now. We all need those
spiritual rinses every now and then.

It’s amazing how miscommunication and mistakes can fuel the flames of a smoldering
misunderstanding that loves to show up out of the blue. Words somehow turn heated.
Feelings quickly singe.

That’s probably why we read so much in our Bibles about love.

Today, I want us to consider all the things that love does.

When you speak crazy words and offend your husband and shock you, love can help you find
your way to remorse and forgiveness can flow.

Love has the power to cover a multitude of sin.

When someone hurts you or speaks unfavorably about you, you can help you kindle

When a person deeply wounds you, love can bring healing. God’s love can help you reach out
further than you can imagine, and your own strength receives supernatural intervention.
Love has been called the mightiest force in the world.

Friends, if someone has wronged you, place it before the Father and see what happens. God
knows all too well that kind of poison cannot remain inside of you. Forgiveness is not earthly
work – it’s 100’% divine work. We can’t offer what we don’t own. God can and will give us The
Journey is our theme this year. what we need to remain whole or get whole.

Today, if I asked you to fill in the blank to this question, what would you say? Here is the
question: I believe that love is the most important thing in the world because….

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  1. Connie

    Thank you for showing your human side. Sometimes I think I am the only one who messes up and wonder how can God still love me. So thankful for His grace and mercy everyday.

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