You’re Living On Borrowed Time by Gloria Toti


The day we were born, a sum of time was invested in our life-accounts by our creator,

and He didn’t intend for us to be wasteful with this precious commodity. 

“In Time” was a movie set in the future where time became the ultimate currency of society. They lifted their sleeves to see a bright yellow automated clock winding down the seconds with each passing day.

The twist comes when no one ages past 25…nor do they live past 25 unless they can buy their way out of it… in hopes of becoming immortal.  The rich earned decades of time while becoming immortal and remaining 25 years of age while the poor died young. 

Interestingly, the Bible gives us a view of time that will allow our lives to play out like a movie one day whether we were rich or poor.  We have been genetically engineered to make a choice to accept God or reject Him.

Psalm 90:10

We can expect seventy years, or maybe eighty if we are healthy, but even our best years

bring trouble and sorrow. Suddenly our time is up, and we disappear.

The psalmist also goes on to say in verse 12, “So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom”

The day we were born we were allotted a certain amount of TIME and once that TIME is up, we can’t buy, borrow or steal any more TIME.

We will all spend our TIME – the question is how will we do it?

We all get to choose how we use our TIME.

We can spend it discovering and fulfilling God’s will for our lives by living, loving, learning, and leaving a legacy or we can waste it by worrying, griping or complaining, fighting with our love ones, commuting long hours to and from work, or working a job that is unfulfilling.

The psalmist said wise people number their days and in so doing gain a heart of wisdom.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Census, each of us has an expected allotment of time remaining dependent on how old we are.

I am 57 years old and all-things-being-equal, I have roughly 7500 days or so remaining if God gives me breath for that many days.  I’m not in control, nor are you!

Age        Years            Days

20          56.3              20,540

75          10.7              3,905

The rest of the ages fall within that range.

How we spend the remaining days on this earth is a REAL question because it leads to a life of immortality in one of two kingdoms.

Think about the people you know who would never waste money, but they waste their time on foolish things.

Paul said, “Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:15-16).

Currently, we trade time in prayer and God’s Word for a closer walk with Jesus.

And God whispers to us, I can help you get all the time you want…

Each of us is a steward of our time, and eternity will tell show the full story in living color what we earned on this earth whether rich or poor.





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  1. Cathy Hisam

    Amen, as I have been brought through a storm (new season) finding out that at 52 I have heart failure. It’s not my decision, the doctors decision, the medications decision how long I have. I’m on Gods time and I will spend it well in Him. Only He decides and I LIVE for Him.

    Thank you Gloria!!

  2. Mary Land

    Love these, Gloria but I like to hear you say it!!! Unfortunately, I can never get the videos from Prize 31 to work. Do you have any recommendations???

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