Pigs, Scorpions, And The Enemy by Diane Qubty

I got chased by a giant pig!  That’s probably not what you were expecting today.  But I’ve been remembering this lately.  I’d gone with Mom to visit someone that lived in a little square white wooden house in the country.  I was probably around five.  Mom went in the house and I was doing what all kids did back then…playing outside.  I turned a corner and found myself face to face with an animal that was taller and much larger than I was.  I’m not sure if I’d ever even seen a pig.  It didn’t take much intelligence to know that this humongous hog meant to do me harm!  That crazy thing started chasing me and I ran as fast as I could all the way around that house and up the small porch steps into the front door.  I don’t know if anyone but me realized that I had had a near death experience that day.  I later learned that the hog was most likely a sow (that’s mama pig for you city folk) and she was probably protecting her babies.  One way or the other I knew that day she was my enemy and I ran!  I’ve never been much of a pig fan since then. Charlotte’s Web is a piece of fiction! In his fourth chapter, James tells us to resist the devil and he will flee from us.  Sounds pretty simple to me.

I wish the devil were as easy to recognize as that giant pig.  I had no doubt, I needed to run.  But that’s not always the way the enemy presents himself – that would be too easy.  Our “enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”  Just a cute kitty cat, right?  So beautiful and majestic to look at.  Don’t be fooled for a moment.  Remember the serpent and Eve?  He convinced her that he was her friend, that he was giving her great knowledge, that God’s word wasn’t enough.  He got inside her head and Adam was right there with her.  He still does that, you know, gets inside our head.  He’ll convince you that this one time won’t matter.  No one is watching.  He’ll point out that the giggling girls on the other side of the room are laughing at you. He’ll tell you there are ‘gray areas’ that God just doesn’t understand.  He’ll help you fight with your spouse –all inside your head. He’ll convince you that this election is the one that will end civilization as you know it. (Is God up for election?)  If you let him have an inch, he’ll take your smile.  

This year has been a playing field for one as evil as him.  A pandemic, quarantine, racial tensions, financial problems, and just for kicks let’s throw in a presidential election. We have answered with depression, hate, selfishness and fear. He delights in darkness and fear.  We would run but he comes in quietly and makes himself at home without us even realizing he’s there. And even worse, he confuses us into believing that it’s our brothers and sisters who are our enemies.  He blends into the scenery and wreaks havoc in our lives. He does his best to dim our vision and mute out the words our Father is trying to get through.  I wish the devil were super ugly and scary looking, but honestly, I think he’s very enticing at times.  By the time he shows his ugliness, too many people have bought into his lies.

In the small canyon where I live, we get scorpions once in a while.  The first time I saw one I freaked out.  I had never seen one and certainly didn’t think I’d see one in my home.  I’ve always been terrified of bugs.  But I learned about them and the more I knew, the less I feared.  While we were in the middle of some remodeling a few years ago, a group of large workers knocked on my door one morning.  I opened the door to find five brawny men and then looked down to see a friendly scorpion in the doorway greeting them with me.  Those big guys stopped, gasped, stepped back and froze.  (It was kind of funny)  I told them just a minute, went and got a paper towel, killed and disposed of the bug. I’m sure those men are braver and stronger than me. But you see, knowledge of my enemy had given me power over it.  I can squish him under my foot.  I’m faster and stronger than he is.  I learned that he doesn’t like me any more than I like him. And even his sting is nothing more to deal with than an ant bite.  Knowledge is power.  God’s Word is power over our enemy.  Reading the Bible and talking to God will teach and remind us that we have nothing to fear. He is with us. Darkness is not darkness to God because He is Light. That Light helps us to recognize the enemy when he’s not as obvious as a giant pig or an atrocious bug. His Word is a light for our path and a lamp for our feet.  His Word in us is power over every enemy, but mostly over our enemy the devil. We can fully rely on our God.  Satan cowers at the Name of Jesus.

Run when you need to, turn from evil; but never forget, God has given you the tools to squish the enemy under your foot.  See satan for who he is.  See God for who He is.  See who you are when you are in Christ.

Be blessed, Diane Qubty

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