Are You Salty Enough? by Gloria Toti


Friends, we are picking up from last week and our topic is Israel and shepherds in these last days.  

You heard me speak of standing with Israel and praying for our brothers and sisters.  If this was happening to us, we would want to know that others care. 

These are strategic times we are living in.  Now back to talking about the things happening here in America and a large mega church.  

If you missed last week’s segment, go listen and this will all make sense.  You all might be familiar with his name since he has pastored a long time.  He is the son of the late Charles Stanley.  His name is Pastor Andy Stanley and after he hosted this LGBTQ+ conference which was supposedly intended to help those struggling with this lifestyle, we find him saying marriage is between a man and woman…and this kind of lifestyle “was a sin then and is a sin now”.  

Friends, he also sending confusion to everyone—those living the lifestyle and the ones trying to run from it.  Think about the two married men who want to add Jesus as an accessory to their lives and call themselves gay Christians?

Is he justifying these two men are good before God because they are married and honoring love in their marriage?

Pastor Andy Stanley if we are to help these individuals, we must lovingly tell them that if the state recognizes their marriage that is not enough.  They are still disobeying God.  

Lee and Nietzel are living in ongoing, un-repented disobedience toward Christ.  This is a mega Christian church in America hosting these men as role models for the alternative lifestyle they have chosen.  

In my opinion, no one living this lifestyle and enjoying it belongs at any Christian church speaking to our youth or pastors – that is beyond sinful to our God.  

Pastor Andy Stanley, I believe you are wrong sir.  I am not sure where your heart is since I am left looking at your strong actions.  

I heard you spoke to your church and intended to share your intentions in greater detail.  

I’m not sure if that is enough.  

I think in order to take back your actions, I think you need to broadcast beyond your church that you made a mistake, and then repent.  If not, I would ask you to remember that if these people belong to God and you have been called to help them, and not lead them astray. 

Let me leave you with this:

 If we claim to have fellowship with God and yet walk in darkness, we lie and do not live out the truth

(I John 1:6)

Let’s continue to pray for Israel, their leadership, and all of God’s people.

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