The Gift Of Internal Peace by Gloria Toti


Last week we talked about right living…and the list would be extensive if God had listed ALL the things we had to do or become to be “RIGHT-LIVERS.” 

Instead, God decided to stamp the 10 commandments upon our hearts.  

We all are born knowing what is wrong and what is right.  No surgeon could take it out of the layers of the cells that make up our spiritual heart.  We all are quite experienced with it being the part of us that goes missing when we are stressed, fearful, or feel unloved.

Obviously, will-power is not enough to tell this flesh no when it wants to do something edgy.  I believe it takes a fear of God to stay out of the pit of this life.  

So, if right living is not a human trait, how do we acquire right living?

Not ourselves.  Not our own goodness.  Our nature can’t keep up the good work.  

We need a helper.  

Right living comes from God and his nature in us, and all bad living comes from the enemy and his nature in this world.  

We all have unredeemed parts in our being.  THESE TWO NATURES HAVE BEEN AT WAR within us since the day we were born.  

And the enemy is sly.  He tells us lies.  He tells us we have messed up so bad that our opportunities are over.  

FRIENDS, why are we allowing these poltergeists of yesterday’s pitfalls or growth cycles to keep us from walking in the grace God offers?  

Why do we allow the enemy to trap us?

He longs for us to act as if the blood of Christ was not enough for us.  

If you are stuck and going in circles remember this.  God is immutable friends.  That’s means He is not changing.  HE LOVES YOU.  

We have to stop treating God as if He was or is human.  He’s beyond human.  He’s a spiritual being.  

God is not dependent upon His creation to do anything.  

He is distinct from it.  God only needs Himself.  Yet, He chose us.  So, think about why God wants right living for us.  He longs to give us the PEACE.  What took place on the cross was no small showdown.  His intentions at the cross were to invite us to live differently.  

He knew the enemy would invite us to the world’s party and it would destroy us.  Yet, God’s plan was not to love us conditionally.  

Can you imagine when the plan of redemption was laid out in heaven of how we would be given grace – the smiles must have flowed between the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Let’s continue this conversation next week.

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