The Power Of Voting by Gloria Toti


Has there ever been a time in your life where you simply wanted to shrug your shoulders and say – why even bother to vote?  Does it matter? I’m sure many individuals have thought those words.  

This morning as I was reading my Bible, I couldn’t help but think of how things are done in our country in comparison to the people of God in Bible days. God had the best plan.  As we look at church history, we see how God desired to lead His people.  He spoke through prophets and instituted a system where judges kept order.  

The people He created said, no thank you God.  We want to change the rules because we want to look like the other nations who have a king.  They blatantly reject God’s plan because they believe their plan is better.  

Although God warned them what would happen if they put their trust in a man and instituted this type of system, these people did not listen.  

God is so merciful, He spelled out the destruction that would happen to their children’s children if they continued with this nonsense. 

They cried out a little louder.  Saul was the first king.  He made a mess of things as God predicted.  

The kings naturally were filled with pride and power and would position their sons to lead after them.  THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE WAS SILENCED. 

When there was a good king, the people flourished.  When there were bad kings, the people suffered.  

I’m glad we live in a society where we can vote our leaders in or out of office.  Their children don’t just assume that seat of power.  

I hope you are not taking the responsibility of voting lightly.  It’s a privilege and a grand opportunity to see God’s values flourish in our nation and our families.  

This is not the time to check out of the game of life.  Our children need us to be attentive, their futures depend on it.  

Go vote my friends next week on November 8th – if you haven’t already! 

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