Unexpected Dinner Guests by Tammy Barber

When I was growing up, we had an unwelcome guest at many dinners named Disappointment.Popular television shows like “Leave it to Beaver” showed families all sitting together at dinner chatting happily about their day and solving any potential
challenges in a loving and supportive way. Our dinners were hurried with one or both parents absent at the dinner table as Dad was out with the guys or eating in front of the TV and Mom was usually hastily cleaning while she ate.

A few years later, another unwelcome visitor showed up at middle school lunch. During the “moment of silence,” I
always bowed my head and thanked God for my food. There was a table of popular girls close to mine that would purposely point and stare at me during my prayer time. I pretended I did not see them, but I was very aware of their presence. I felt discouraged
and fearful as this same “stare fest” went on for weeks in the cafeteria. I dreaded lunch. I was happy to honor God with prayer, but I wanted to fit in at school. The girls finally gave up and hopefully they found Jesus. For years after I moved out on my own, I preferred eating in front of the TV or standing up in the kitchen, always hurried and “on the go.”

I asked the Lord why I could not seem to enjoy my mealtime and He asked why I continued to invite toxic guests over for dinner. That was a huge “AHA” moment for me where I was able to connect the dots between childhood and how I was living as
an adult. I repented and the Lord freed me from years of disappointment and fear.

Now,I often have family over for dinner and I have not one, but two large tables to accommodate everyone. Small things, like disappointment and fear, can turn into bigger things like shame and unforgiveness and we are often not even aware of these toxic roots growing in us. The Lord wants to pull any toxic roots out of us so we can move forward in freedom and what He has for us. 2Timothy 1:7 says “For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and a sound mind. Psalm 34:18 says “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

Do you have any unhealthy roots in your system that you want healing from? These may be long roots, even from childhood. I routinely ask the Lord to show me any unhealthy roots that may have attached to me as they are easy to pick up in everyday life. We go to the doctor once or twice a year for a medical check-up, so it makes sense to talk to
the Lord routinely for a spiritual check-up! Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the roots,
identify the lies you believed, repent, renounce the roots, and receive God’s grace and healing. Freedom awaits!!

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