A New Beginning by Dianna Huber

Have you ever waited in eager expectation for a new season to begin?  For as long as I can remember, I’ve been in awe of missionaries.  Maybe it’s the magazine I “read” at five years old with cool pictures of people ministering in exotic worlds.  Maybe it was the book I read as a fourth grader that spoke of an incredible missions work in India.  Maybe it was getting to hear from missionaries at camp, or the missionary trading cards we received for bringing our missions offerings to Kids’ Church.

Now, I have friends throughout the world who are responding to God’s call to bring hope to the hurting, and to disciple and raise up a new generation of ministers to reach the nations for Jesus.  I’ve been on missions trips, and…waited my turn.  For the past 7 years, I’ve called missions the “sleeping giant God was reawakening.” 


Then, last December, my new season began.  I transitioned into a new role as the Outreach Pastor at Trinity.  Little did I realize that God was going to provide an intersection right here in Lubbock to the nations, and to those in need of His hope, peace and Presence.

Did you know…a report published by the City of Lubbock in Spring 2021 indicated housing, food insecurity, utilities, childcare, and prescription assistance as the top 5 needs in our community?  Nearly every day, Trinity receives calls from those who are struggling to pay rent, had their electricity turned off, or are in need of food assistance.  Did you know…there are currently 1,997 foster children in Lubbock?  The number drastically increases into the tens of thousands if you go beyond our city limits throughout West Texas.  Lubbock has one of the highest rates of child abuse and neglect in the nation (Buckner).  The opportunities, hurt, and needs are enormous.

In the face of so much need and suffering, how do we respond?  Where do we begin?  New seasons can be difficult, but I’m reminded of the words of Isaiah in Isaiah 6, “Here I am.  Send me.”  When Isaiah was presented with vision and the opportunity to be God’s voice to a nation, He said, “Yes, Lord.”

I believe we each have a role to play in saying, “Yes, Lord” and responding to His call to see God’s Kingdom manifested here on earth.  Might our neighborhoods, kids’ schools or sports fields, or our workplaces be missions fields?  Can we ask the Holy Spirit to give us God’s eyes for those around us-those who may be very different from us, but are so loved by Him?  Can we slow down and pray, “God, where are you moving today?  How can I join you?”  New seasons can be challenging, but just like those books & magazine images, they can be so inspiring.  Lean into Jesus.  Spend time with Him, and see where He may lead you.  Then, I challenge you to say, “Yes” and watch Him move in and through you.  New seasons are coming; will you join Him?

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