Let’s Fight This Unthinkable Evil by Gloria Toti


Do you know who Pastor Mike Todd is?  Time to know…

Last week, we talked about the horrific performance at the Easter service at Transformation church.

Friends, the truth is the video of the “awesome performance” they were trying to deliver is no longer on their website.  It’s that bad…not just controversial.

What I think is dangerous about what Mike Todd is doing is that … people will look at this and say, “Why would I want this sort of religious Christianity when I can have this kind of thing that’s just like the world?”

I believe the choice of artists and music was offensive to God himself.  This was the one day to tell the story of what His son did for humanity, and this church chose this.  How disrespectful.

Christians who know the Bible understand what the enemy is trying to do to keep people in the world and away from Jesus Christ.

As I learned more of who Pastor Mike Todd is – I realized there are a few things that he has been saying that are questionable.

Who hasn’t noticed that there is a lot going on with 





It’s satanic and it’s vile.  

Well, Pastor Mike Todd is quoted saying,

“God decided male and female.  I want you to hear my heart.  This is not a bashing.

If I was there with God when He was creating humanity, I would have suggested something in the middle…like aMAYBE.

He then talks to his audience as if to read their minds and says:  I was born like this, and he replies with, I feel you.  And I wish that there was an option of OTHER in the kingdom.  Well, why – I don’t freakin know.  I wish God would have made it so much simpler and it would be, A,B, C or D, or frick.  Friends, you can be here.”

I feel he has gone too far and mocking the crucifixion right in front of the church is more than unholy.  It’s reckless.

If they called us the tight glutes tribe, then why did they remove the performance off of their website?

Did they do a double take and recognize maybe it was sinful?

Friends, beware of the progressive currents sweeping churches and denominations into acting out blasphemously before the Holy Spirit.

Let’s remember II Timothy 4:2 “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

This is not a time to be messing with God’s kingdom.

Let’s talk next week about the two options of identity—MALE AND FEMALE.  Sorry, Pastor Mike, there are no other options….

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