Worry Loves Telling Lies by Gloria Toti


How many of us would say that worry

changed the outcome

of a situation we were facing?

None of us would say something so ridiculous because it’s simply not true.  Worry is the thing that tears us apart

—cell by cell

—thought by thought

—and breath by breath

 Worry has the power to destructively change our mental health, our physical health as in heart vessel trauma through anxiety, and offers a 100% guarantee toward skin-deep wrinkles.  

Today, let’s talk about all of us holding membership in the human race and how worry comes to tempt all of us to freak out more often than not.  And if you are tempted to worry with what you just heard, RELAX.  

Corrie Ten Boom used to recite these words, and I think they are fitting for us to hear this Christmas season – “Worry is an old man with bended head, carrying a load of feathers which he thinks are lead.”

She obviously understood that worry is ultimately foolish because it concerns that which may not be as heavy after all.  

Think about how worry lives in the future, and we can’t foresee which way it will turn.  It deals with what-if’s, speculation, and possibility.  

What do you hear Corrie saying?  

I hear her reminding us that if we continue dwelling on the worst-case scenario, we will guarantee our own misery because our minds have a way of cataloging calamity.  It’s in our DNA – but so is the DNA of opportunity.  

The worrier attempts to live in the future realm of bad possibilities but fails to consider that the future isn’t here, and the future isn’t his or hers per se.  

Was Jesus asking us to attempt what is not humanly possible when He said  “Do not worry about tomorrow in Matthew 6:34?

Nope.  I think he was saying.  Children, worry is going to try to eat your lunch.  

Don’t let it.  You have a choice to trust me in those moments.  

I have wisdom for you not to fall into that trap thinking you can keep your life going without my help.  He knows how destructive worry is for us.  He also knows that it’s irrational to place trust in ourselves while trying to impress Him, or others.  Trusting ourselves in those moments is dangerous business. 

This Christmas let’s remember the creator is also known as the sustainer of life.  He knows everything you and I are facing.  Let’s continue to ask Him to help us turn over our scary thoughts – let’s also tell Him we want to turn over more of the rooms in our heart over to Him –let’s ask Him to teach us how. 

If you already prayed about a need, a concern, a dream, or a value this year, keep thanking Him for the outcome you desire.  

Let’s not give up on Him because we know He never gives up on us.  Let’s continue our conversation next week. 

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