Mama Kitty by Diane Qubty

For years my mom and dad shooed the cats away while they fed the birds.  Then along came Mama Kitty.  She endeared herself to them.  My dad will sit on the front porch and visit with her and make sure that she is fed.  My mom actually warms milk up to give to her and her kittens.  I sit amazed as I watch this.  One day I told my good-natured dad that he has become the inadvertent ‘cat lady’ in his older years.

He was telling me a funny story just the other day.  Mama Kitty and one of her kittens were on the porch eating when one of the neighbor’s dogs came flopping up the stairs and began eating their food.  Both of the cats ran to a corner afraid and watched him stealing their dinner.  My dad was watching from the window and came to the door.  When he stepped out and scared the furry thief  the two felines leapt from their corner and gave chase to the uninvited guest!  They suddenly became very brave when Dad was with them.  I laughed thinking about two cats chasing a dog.

As I reflected on this story I smiled but then thought of my own fears.  Do I let them keep me from the feast my Father has prepared for me?  How often do we let fear chase us away from the good things that God has given us?  The gifts our Heavenly Father has given us are precious to us and to Him.  We need to trust Him with them as He has entrusted them to us.  No one can see your light if you’re huddled in a corner.  Always  remember that our Daddy has our back! “You hem me in behind and before, and you lay your hand upon me.”  Psalm 139:5

 David didn’t kill Goliath with a stone, he killed him with Faith!  God is always by our side and with Him, we can chase away our enemy.  (As James, the brother of Jesus, learned, “So then, surrender to God. Stand up to the devil and resist him and he will flee in agony. Move your heart closer and closer to God, and He will come even closer to you.” Is it really that easy?)  We don’t live in our own strength but in the mighty strength of the One who saves us. Father is strong, mighty, and trustworthy.  And He is ALWAYS watching His children.  Let that make you strong today!!

Be fearless, strong and blessed!

#whosyourDaddy?  #greaterisHewhoisinme  #timetofeast

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  1. Rita Pritchett

    Always a great message! Make sure this one is in the book 😊

  2. Martha Blacklock

    As always, Diane, you take a daily life experience and glean a wonderful life lesson from it. Oh, if we would all take more time to see God in the everyday happenings in our life. Thanks for sharing your great insight into the spiritual applications in your life.

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