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The story of Moses is a tale of two moms.

One birthed a baby boy and one raised him.

They both are unseen heroes.


How is it we hardly ever hear of Jocobed, the biological mother of Moses, or Pharoah’s daughter who is known as the princess mom who adopted baby Moses?

Their contribution to the overall storyline of freedom for God’s people was huge?

The Tale of Two Moms was the title of Carl’s message yesterday and women everywhere and moms everywhere heard God speak, oh I hope you listened.  I sure did.

We were reminded by God that He has chosen us to nurture our children and a generation of His children.

Two of the main takeaways were:

Every Child Is Exceptional and All Children Wear A Target On Their Back

So, what did we hear?

That we as moms have the most important job in the world


we must be fighting for our kids as Jocobed fought for her baby boy.

Think of this mom placing her baby boy in that basket in order to keep him from being thrown directly in the Nile River – had God shown her what would happen, or did she just do this because she couldn’t stand the thought of placing him directly in the water? We don’t know.  What we do know is that he was three months old and this little basket became a miniature type of Noah’s ark.  Knowing this mom, she probably helped build the basket knowing it would have to be strong enough to sustain his weight when he cried and kicked – it couldn’t dare tip over.  I can’t imagine how it was baptized in tears as she prayed while making it.  She was a mom who chose life for her baby.

What a hero! 

The story transitions to Pharoah’s daughter known as the princess.  She sees, hears, and feels compassion for baby Moses regardless of his race – her God-given natural instinct rose up.  She couldn’t stand the chance of this little basket floating by without helping this innocent baby who had no advocate…so it seemed.  She rose up and made a decision.  She accepted him like he was her very own son through adoption.  I wonder how often she thought of his Hebrew momma and loved him all the more?  She chose life for this little baby.  She is a Hero!

As I speak to you today, I know many of you are incredible women who made a choice for adoption.  We know many of you sacrificed at great cost emotionally to make the decision for LIFE.  We acknowledge you today.  Love was a part of your decision then and still is today.    God bless your decision.  You are a hero!

I also know many of you who are adoptive mommas.  We love you.  May God give each of you grace this day.  You too are all our heroes!

In service yesterday, Carl mentioned the ministry of Trinity Church called Heartline.

Heartline is a Pregnancy Resource Center, and we exist to stand with women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.  We are here for you.

We know the decision made by a mom will be with her for the rest of her life, and we want to hold a gentle space for her to know that she is not alone.  All services are free of charge and confidential.

I am old enough to be a grandmother and have been in ministry 30 plus years.  I know many women didn’t choose life for their unborn baby, and they’ve never told anyone.  Today, we don’t want to ignore you…or pretend your pain doesn’t matter by us not talking about it.

It is not God’s intent for you a die a little each day to pay for your sin.  The sacrifice of his son on the cross was enough for all of your sin and the sin of all humanity.  So, if you are experiencing emotional pain and grief over your decision please don’t ignore it any longer.  We want to invite you to Surrendering the Secret which is a group for women who want healing.  If you are stuck in despair and you keep telling yourself that your decision seemed like the best one at that time – we invite you to come and exchange your pain for God’s mercy.

The Bible mentions a man by the name of David who was loved dearly by God and he too had taken a life. Scripture tells us that God had called him a man after God’s own heart.  Why would God say that?  Because David was broken over his sin, his sorrow led him to repentance.  That’s why.  We invite you to call Heartline today and begin to live again…the measure of your worth is not based on your decisions.  Life is such a gift…and we invite you to live your life in such a way that you begin thanking God for his grace – run to Him and not from Him.

Next, I want to talk to all moms.  What did the words Carl spoke yesterday do to you when he said every child wears a target on their back? We know that is true, but do we really live in such a way that we lean into God’s strength daily?  The moment a child is conceived they become a threat to the enemy because they are exceptional.  The enemy remembers how God sent a baby into the world and he changed it forever.

We must build an Ark of safety…no matter their age.

We must be praying for their protection from this world’s system.

When God’s word is carved in the hearts of our children, it will never leave them… just like the sailor’s initials engraved on the tree were recognizable 100 years later.

The gathering of the family is not only necessary during COVID-19.

Friends don’t wish this time away.  Invest even when it wears you out – the godly environment you are creating is a safety net.

You have been entrusted with heaven’s treasure.  Moses was a mighty deliverer – what is in the DNA of your child – we know all of them have been given divine beauty of a prophetic nature.

Next, I want to talk to all women:  I want to challenge you to be fearless like all these girls in this real-life story.

Mariam was his older sister and she stood at a distance and watched.  She was a spiritual sister.  She was watching for the next generation to come up.  She was concerned.  You think this little girl prayed – you know she did.  She witnessed a miracle, and so will we if we ask God for his help.

And then there is Shiprah & Puah – the two brave midwives who chose to disobey the King’s orders in order to honor God and preserve life.  That could have been very costly for them, but they did it anyway, and we see how God blessed them with children of their own.  Hmmm were they girls or did they also hide their own boys?  God was enough for them, this we know.

Yesterday in service, I asked God for a generation of women who are floating in the river of life without an advocate or a spiritual momma.  This is not the first time I prayed such a prayer, but my maternal instincts flipped a switch yesterday.  I too want to be like the princess who saw, heard, and felt the cries of the helpless.

Deep down I know this generation feels dirty and they believe that God will recognize them, oh but He does.  He is not angry.  I pray that you choose to pivot and turn toward him, and begin returning some of the love He is sending your way.  Let’s allow God to use us to change a generation for His Glory…








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