It All Started With An Idea

Did you all dream of what you wanted to grow up and become in life?   Sad to say, I did not.  

Most of my days were distracted by my identity of having a silver tooth – yes, someone threw a rock on the playground and broke my little tooth.  Life seemed to suffocate my creativity, so I learned to exist in life.  

Then the day came when I asked Jesus in my heart and that outlook changed.  I wanted to gather women and tell them that their lives could change.  

So, when a friend had an idea that we should start and blog and connect women, I said – I don’t know how to do anything like that, but I’m willing to learn.  Friends, that was 12 years ago.  

You are listening to this video blog because of a dream to do life with other women.  Today, we have nine authors who help create content.  

Who doesn’t need encouragement from other women? We can learn so much from each other – it doesn’t matter if that someone is older or younger than us.

We are designed to connect…and that is why we are committed to grow our sisterhood circle. 

It’s important to know that we are not the only ones who clip curbs or forget our children at church… and we live past the moments to tell others about it.  Just for the record, I have clipped a few curbs, but have not left any of my children at church.  Not sure how, but my record is squeaky clean there.  

If you are not sharing this corner of beauty with your friends, we encourage you to help us connect and encourage women.  

And, if you have not taken the time to go back into the files to see what you have missed, we invite you to do that.  

As we dream of what is yet to come, we ask you to help us pray for new ideas, for new ways to stay relevant in a world that seems to spin faster and faster with each passing day.  

If I could send a message of encouragement to you today, I would say:  Make sure to value the true essence of who you are and who you are choosing to become.  Invest in your soul because no one else is going to prioritize you.  You are it my friend.  Love yourself and make sure you are not isolating away from potential friends.  Ask yourself, what dream or idea longs for expression in my life. Look how long this blog has survived, and it all started with an idea to honor God and others.  

Happy Birthday Prize31 Women’s blog/vlog.  You are a treasured vehicle that began with an idea.  You have allowed us to live the dream of reaching out into God’s beautiful world with beauty.  Thank you!

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  1. Mary Land

    Love this Miss Gloria. See you soon🌻

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