You’re A Big Deal

What can we learn from a chicken?

Ah, the miracle of new life! Waiting for chickens to hatch is VERY EXCITING! 

It was Easter morning and the anticipation filled our hearts with joy and excitement. Witnessing the miracle of birth is one of those life-captivating moments of the natural and supernatural coming together.  This was the culmination of a 21day process. Around day 10 we “candled” the eggs to see if they were fertilized. It appeared we were egg-specting 7 chicks! One-by-one we witnessed new life emerging right before our eyes.  You can watch the egg-citing moment of our first hatch here

Soon after the chicks were born, we watched them find their strength, fluff in to totally cute, curious creatures, pecking their way into life.  Instinctively, they were quickly eating, drinking and exploring the world of being chickens.  

Hatch-day is always exciting! This joy of this day helped me realize how much God delights in us as His creation. He’s been intimately involved in the creation of our lives and takes great delight in watching us become what He dreamed about.  I imagine Him dancing over each us with the contagious smile and wonder we experienced on the day our baby chicks entered the world. 

Friends, we are captivating.  Our becoming is an ongoing process. The dreams growing in our hearts are incubating in God’s love and will soon break through the shell of impossibility into the realm of reality!  Life is a big deal – so don’t take the hard work you’re putting into being you lightly!  You bear the image of God in the world. 

Being YOU is God’s dream come true. 

-Written by Denise Dietz

Pictured with Denise 

Daughter: Nathalie 

Niece: Katie

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  1. Laura

    I love chickens!💗

  2. Carrie Hayslip

    What a beautifully illustrated picture! I love this Denise!

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