“My Body – My Choice” Is Now Our Argument by Gloria Toti

Our world is going crazy!

I don’t know about you, but my thoughts are wanting to build scenarios in my head that make
me wonder what is next? How are our kids going to make it in this crazy world? Are my friends
in the medical community going to lose their jobs? How will we survive without law and order?

How is it that professionals in our communities who spent countless hours preparing for or
already began enjoying a career they are gifted to do now find themselves dealing with
questions about their future?

I have been following the news to stay informed, and I am now recognizing the conversation
about being vaccinated, or not, is shifting to the word freedom.

Flu vaccines are optional, but this one is not for some in society. Seriously people. What is
going on?

Our freedoms are being threatened in the name of keeping others safe doesn’t seem
reasonable to me. What if we don’t have our trusted medical personnel due to a shortage,
then what? Who takes care of the those who are ill and in need of desperate care?

I am saddened by the thought of kids overhearing the kitchen table conversations of mom or
dad losing their job because their employer is making them do something they don’t feel is best
for them. It’s confusing for adults to grasp this reality, and it hurts to think that the littles in
families are wondering what this is all about.

Conversations around the family table should be fun and encouraging, but I don’t think they are
all that positive.

Little Susie might be wondering what is going to happen to her momma if she fights for what
she believes in – and little Mike is not resting as peacefully as before because of the confusion.
They may be too young to know what’s at stake. We adults know what is transpiring and we
cannot remain indifferent thinking that this does not affect our family.

Ironically, the slogan – “my body, my choice” doesn’t seem to apply for this argument. Not fair.
Whether you choose to be vaccinated or not is your business. You choose what is best for you,
but I would ask you to see what is taking place in our society. Your voice is needed in the
cultural arena, speak up and act before it’s too late. Let’s stop making this about a vaccine, this
argument has shifted to your freedom. Let’s not be naïve.

Freedom is God-given, and we must protect it.

This weekend, we are celebrating Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Remember, let’s remember what is at stake in this hour.

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