God Is Giving Us Another Chance by Gloria Toti

Life is on the line in America today.

If you think it’s enough to say




It’s not enough! 

Are you praying for the things that God values? 

Today is another historic day in our country.  Thank you Lord for a new opportunity to stand for life at the highest court of the law.

I pray we walk away aligning ourselves as a nation with the highest court in heaven. 

Help us reverse the mindset of those who believe that abortion is a fundamental right.   

Help us see as a society that at the very core of that lie justice and equality are not being attained for the one in the womb who shares the very essence of the parent’s DNA. 

Please know that I am speaking with passion, but I never want my views to condemn the women who can now clearly see how their past decision to terminate life was not the best choice after all.   

There is healing for you, and you don’t have to suffer in silence any longer.  You are needed in this fight.  Follow your heart and tell someone and begin to experience freedom from that dark season in your story.  You won’t regret how powerful the next choice can be.    

If you know me, you know that my DNA loves justice – and longs to expose the devil’s lies 

Abortion gets my mama bear senses riled up because abortion providers are capitalizing on fear to entrap their victims.  

So when I read the headlines news this morning of how women are allegedly taking abortion pills outside of the Supreme Court in protest of the deliberations on the Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health case.  I get sad and then I get mad.  I’m not mad at those women.  Their eyes are blinded by the god of this world – Satan himself.  I bow and pray.  

When those in society show up to display such foolishness – we ask for their blind eyes to see what they are doing.  And we cry out for mercy for them.  

We Christians know that treat that this is not like showing up at a college game or an NFL game to scream across the field in support of our team?

We understand these are precious babies and it is their lives that stand in the middle of this evil argument.  

People, these are not just numbers on a scoreboard.  

Their lives matter, and so do the lives of those women who are misguided, and so do the lives of those who argue against God.  


Let’s see the end from the beginning.  

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  1. Juanita Kuehn

    Amen! Thank you, Ms Gloria for using your voice in such a powerful way to save lives. We have, are, and continue to pray in agreement.

  2. Gloria Toti

    Nita, I know you are praying – you are one of the mighty princess warriors building the kingdom and defending Truth. Thank you!

  3. Sue Davis

    Thank you Gloria for these powerful words. I am in full agreement about saving these precious babies.
    We must reach out and help mother’s understand how precious this gift from God is!!!

  4. Denise Dietz

    Yes – pro life for all! Crying out with you Gloria. Your voice speaks for the precious babies.

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