A “Do-Over” Please

The new year is upon us and our heads swirl with thoughts of things we should have done – or done differently – in 2018.

We look forward into 2019 with both eager anticipation and fear of what it may bring. We have hopes for what we would love to see happen in the new year, yet, with that comes a need to face the unexpected – a challenge to navigate unfamiliar paths.

Truthfully, there is no way to do that and have peace – BUT GOD!

The longer I live, the more I realize how counter-productive it is to rely on my strength, my knowledge, or my expertise. When I do that I end up running ahead of God or just flat into a brick wall.

It is true, those things that make me resourceful are all gifts from God, but when I disconnect them from His counsel, wisdom, and strength – I have disconnected from my true source of power.

Yes, my regrets from 2018 definitely fall into that category. I want a “Do-Over.”

The great thing about a new day and a new year is that according to Lamentations 3:23, His mercies are new every morning. Perhaps there are a few messes we need to clean up from the past – in His strength, but He is eager to do that and to give us a fresh start for the new year. He is always ready to counsel us, empower us, and order our footsteps – if only we ask.

My challenge to you, as you step into this new year, is to start your day doing just that. Start your day with talking and listening to Him. Get up a few minutes earlier and spend time with your BEST FRIEND. Invite Him to speak to you as you read His Word or have your devotional; ask Him to order your footsteps and help you prioritize your day; ask Him what He would like to say to you. It is His greatest desire to fellowship with you. Trust me, it is so much easier to let Him order your day from the beginning than to always ask Him to do the clean-up at the end.

The King of the Nations has extended an invitation to you for 2019. Will you accept?

I challenge you to do so. Give Him a chance. Live under the shadow of His wings this year and perhaps you may not even need to ask for a “Do-Over.”

~ Nita Kuehn

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