A Pocket Full Of Seeds by Denise Dietz

For 30 years my spirit has followed a rhythm of getting seeds in the ground. As seed catalogs begin to arrive in January…I begin the journey of a new season exploring all the possibilities, evaluating what worked and remembering what hasn’t. Through the years of gardening, I’ve narrowed my planting design to a few principles:

  1. Plant a new perennial every year. This year was the introduction of grapes, aronia berry and gooseberry.
  2. Use diversity to increase productivity. This year I planted sunflowers and cucumbers together for a natural trellising and protection from sun and wind.
  3. Sow seeds liberally and continually. From now through the Fall, seeds will be scattered every month. It’s called succession planting and provides for ongoing harvests.

The most important principle is….NEVER LEAVE SEEDS IN YOUR POCKET!  You see, leaving seeds in your pocket wastes potential because seeds don’t grow in your pocket.  All of God’s creation is designed to multiply. In one watermelon there is up to 500 seeds.  Imagine if that one seed never gets a chance to become a watermelon that produces 500 more seeds.  This is a simple understanding of stewardship.  We are all holding seeds in our pocket.  I’ve held seeds back in hopes to keep the rows perfect, varieties pure and because I was just tired of putting them in the ground.  Not now…EVERY SEED GETS PLANTED!

You see, at the end of my life I want the many seeds I’ve scattered to be a fruitful harvest for generations. It’s up to us to sow the seeds the best we can, as often as we can and in as many places as we can.  God will cause the growth.  

So here’s a few questions for you….

  • What have you known to do, that you haven’t done yet?
  • What are you doing today that someone else could do?
  • Who are you seeing grow beside you because of the seeds you’ve sown?

My friends, your life does matter – planting the seeds in your pocket is a very important thing!

I am with you,

Denise Dietz

BONUS –  I’m giving you access to my, Let’s Get Growing permaculture design presentation to help you get started sowing!  If you need help bringing these principles into reality, I’d be honored to come alongside you and get those seeds in the ground!  

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  1. Joyce Herron

    Last year, when it seemed I would not bear staying inside, my friend Julie Cordero, came and planted four tomato plants in my planter. I know very little about planting. I became so interested in watching them grow and produce, I went out at least twice each day to keep an eye on them. Soon there were little tomatoes. I saved some for my grand child to gather. They were delicious. I could hardly wait until planting time again this year. Thanks to Julie, they are in the ground and I am visiting them daily. The Lord uses things we cannot imagine to spread his love and joy, to get us out of our uncomfortable
    place, to help us grow to show us that it only takes a little effort to bring a big change.

    May your days, months and year be filled with joy unspeakable and full of glory. Spread a little joy wherever you are.

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