Spiritual Harvest And Blessings by Tina Gonzalez

It is simply Amazing! I felt like climbing to the tallest tree I could find and shout to anyone who could hear….” I feel light as a feather, light as air. I’m free!”  Why? Because the Lord had once again taken the heavy back pack I was carrying and with His cleansing power( Holy laundry detergent) and pure water, released me of the unforgiveness  and hurts I was carrying.

It all started because I decided to rake the fallen leaves around our home. As I eagerly
set out to collect as many leaves as possible into scattered piles, I felt a tug at my heart and a still quiet voice whisper, ” Tina, It’s time to remove some piles in your personal life. We need to do some clean-up for your spiritual tree. But  in order to remove those things that hinder, we need to dig deep into the soil and start where it all begins…. the roots!” Well I knew what He was asking,
so I bowed my head and asked for forgiveness of wrongdoings and disobedience towards Him, others and myself. Within what seemed like a few minutes,  I heard the most wonderful words…
” DONE “!  Wow… Can it really be that quick? The peace and joy that surpasses all understanding came flooding in. It’s not always easy, but with His help and strength the results are not only amazing , but life-changing…..
Ugly, unwanted roots…..
Cut them, chop them….deep, deep down.
Cast them into the fire I pray!
” Please Lord, they’re hindering me, they cannot stay!”
Toiling, tirelessly working , so precious …..so precious is He.
It doesn’t matter how much time it takes, if seasons change, how many days.
Unselfishly He works and waters. He’s pruning….waiting, waiting to see,
Righteous roots, strong trunks, tall green leafy trees.
Oh Look! How can it be? Beautiful abundant fruit, as far as the eye can see.
Because of our unchanging Savior, who carefully gardens with Love,
so focused, so patiently….
The weather will come and the seasons will change.
But our steadfast eternal Savior is making a beautiful garden, orchard and forest,
Teaching, Growing, Intimately communing with You and Me!

The Lord calls us to be deeply grounded in His word and in Him…. And that also includes cutting out those things that hinder and pruning our personal tree. His ultimate goal is for us to grow and rise under the canopy of His endless Love and Grace. To produce much fruit and maybe some
“New Kinds”  of fruit. To have an abundance to share with others. Provide shade and nourishment for those who need it and to lift others up so they can join us no matter where we are in our journey. To pull them-up along side of us, just as Jesus does. It’s definitely a good time to do some work and pile removal in our spiritual lives with the holidays upon us and New Year about to ring.
And I just wanted to take this opportunity to say how Thankful I am….
For my family, friends and loved ones. For all the new people He sends my way.
And most of all for our AMAZING LORD…..He becomes more precious each and
every day!

” Jesus and Me “
Tina Gonzalez

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  1. Mary Basinger

    Awesome❤️ Thank you for the reminder to clean up that which has fallen and all we have to do is ask for grace.

  2. Tammy Rodriguez Barber

    Love this! So perfect for Thanksgiving especially.

  3. Terry Johnston

    Wow mrs Tina how sweet and wonderful so well put I feel as though I’m goin g through the same Jesus had been tugging at me for awhile about stepping out in faith n do great things in his name but more than anything to let him shine through me. To truly let go of the things that have n continue to hinder me when all I want to do is scream his wonderful name run with him n speak to a multitude of people to share what I’ve experienced n how he will change our lives through his love mercy and grace thank u for this absolutely stunning 🙏🦋

  4. Marty Hannah

    Tina, that is so uplifting, inspirational and true! What a beautiful testimony of God’s loving care. I hope you will continue to share your reflections with all of us. Blessings to you.

  5. Penny Gillentine

    Such a beautiful way to send a reminder to take stock of things that influence & impact our lives!!! An for us to make time to do some weeding & an emptying the clutter. Perfect way to highlight the meaning of the holidays!!!

  6. Lois Pukansky

    Thank you, Tina, for helping me to find this wonderful reminder that our Lord wants to do a great work in us everyday, to cleanse and purify us, so we can be an example to others and to get that junk that keeps us down and feeling unworthy out and exposed to His great love and forgiveness. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Love to you, in His Precious Name, Lois

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