Things Are Heating Up By Gloria Toti


Last week, we talked about our T-cells being in optimal shape. In order to stay healthy physically, we need our immune systems strong.  We also spoke of our W-cells as in worship cells being exercised to keep us in the best spiritual shape as well.

I’m not sure if you noticed but the universal church of God is not healthy.  We are not showing forth a power or turning the world upside down with God’s glory like the early believers did.  Instead, we are spiritually barren, and that is not God’s plan for us.

We are sitting here in October of 2022…and things are shifting.  As we approach the midterms, God knows what’s going to happen with the economy, with the wars, with the supply chain issues and the scandals that we are watching unfold.  God will remind us that there is an unseen realm that we are more connected to than what we see.  If God can turn around Roe, anything is possible.  Remind us of what’s to come Father – of how the heavenly Jerusalem is on its way.

Mount Zion is known in the Bible as the city of God.  Things are heating up in our world, and we all see it.  I think it’s time for us to allow the Holy Spirit into our churches as the early church did in that day.  

Eph 5:18

“And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit…”

In the early church, those in attendance thought some of the believers were showing up to church drunk because they were acting DIFFERENT than what was expected.  

I wonder what different looked like for these believers.  I’m sure God wants that for us today…

Bring the DIFFERENT God…

The Holy Spirit moved into the neighborhood, and status quo had to take a back seat.  He raised the EXPECTATION.  Miraculous power was now on display.  

Do we blame the crowd for responding with great JOY and with great emotion?  No. 

I wonder how many fell in repentance and cried out to God for mercy.  

The church-mold was broken forever.  God show up in our churches today with great power—we welcome your Presence through the Holy Spirit and speaking in other tongues as the early church spoke in their heavenly language.  Bring freedom to your people once again.  

The birth of the church revived…the mundane church of that day… and its power spread like wildfire.  With it came persecution, and it still grew.

I wonder what would happen if we would take the time to celebrate the prayers God has answered in our lives past five minutes.  Let’s recognize what God is doing all around us.  He is busier than the enemy, I promise.  

Let’s get back to praying.  To believing.  To dancing.  To cheering on God’s power in our lives and not based on the feelings we have that are attached to the prayers being answered in the timeframe we desire.  Let’s dance in faith.  Let’s call out His greatness even when things aren’t changing.  Let’s not forget that He is worthy – this is God that we are talking about.  

He’s worthy! 

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