All Eyes On Weak Me? by Gloria Toti



Are you the type of person who loves being the center of attention?—or are you the kind of person who hides from any type of attention being placed on you? 

We are all so different and respond to life in various ways and for different reasons. 

I remember the days I lived in the hiding camp and wore an invisible sign that declared these words:

All eyes on weak me? No, thank you!

Over the years, God has shifted a few things in my life, and I am no longer fearful for others to see my weaknesses. You can say, I’m comfortable in my skin… flaws and all. 

2023 is upon us, and we all have choices to make.  

Maybe, one thing we can do is ask God how He would like to use our weaknesses this year…I bet you thought I was going to say strengths?  Not this time.

Obviously, what gets used gets stronger.  Kind of like our noodle arm at the gym. That’s what I call my left arm since it’s so weak compared to my right arm. Friends, God can strengthen our noodled wills if we let him. 

I think Luke 5:19 should be required reading for all of God’s children each January.  

There is so much to learn from the account of the paralytic man in need,

the bold actions of his friends, and the power of Jesus to raise individuals off the mat of life.  


We can’t just read this story so fast.  This true story has the power to change our lives as well.  This week and next, we will look closely at how our human nature can work for us or against us…and we will also see how God has positioned others to help us when we are weak. 

This man’s friends were on a mission, and nothing was going to deter them from helping their friend. 

It’s so easy to read this true story and focus on the faith of the friends, but today let’s give this story a twist.  

Let’s focus on the man on the stretcher. 

What was He thinking?

He could have refused the field trip knowing that all his weaknesses were going to be on display for the entire world to see. 

There was no guarantee he would walk home that day.  

He could have gone home that day unhealed, and then be known as the man whose friends who tore up the roof. 

The man who was now in debt for messing up someone’s home.  He didn’t care.  He chose healing.  There was a 50/50 chance things could work out as intended.  I wonder if he asked his friends to help him, or did they show up to help him.  

Did they convince him?  We don’t know.  But what we know about human nature is this: 

This man had to get over himself.  

He had to make a choice to allow the most famous man of his time, and region, to see him in such a pitiful state. 

I wonder if he entertained the thought of trying to take a few steps on his own or wedge his way toward Jesus all by himself thinking Jesus would see more faith that way?

It’s clear this man had to get over the thought of wanting to impress Jesus.  He had to lay on the mat helpless and hopeful.

He dealt with his pride.  

He allowed his friends to help him.  He couldn’t do it on his own. 

Faith moves mountains and what is faith?  Belief in God.  Why do we allow the enemy to tell us that it’s hard to have faith.  No it’s not.  

Next week, we will go deeper into allowed God to help us with our weaknesses, and we will also let friends come around us.

Next week, we will continue to discussion – join us!


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  1. Vicky Palmer

    Keeping the right perspective and humbly accepting assistance when we are in need always yields a blessing from the Father of all good things! Thank you for this worthy reminder!

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