“INDESTRUCTIBLE” Heavenly Spectrums
Spectrum- classifying something in terms of its position on a scale between two extreme or opposite points.
Darkness and Light
One Transcends and the other Fights
Coolness verses Heat
Open verses Contract
Deep seeded and Rooted in Haste
Timetables that have opened and Shifted
Completely due to Sovereignty, Mercy and Grace!
I LOVE what the Lord wanted to talk about for this particular blog post! It began with a
conversation about the Bethlehem Star. A heavenly occurrence that led the Magi to the exact place where the True Light and King of the world was staying. The Lord then switched over to the stars that we nestle in the tippy-top highest bough of our Christmas Tree. Not only is it a reminder of Jesus’s birth and the journey of the Magi.… but it reflects who we are in Christ. We were made to shine like the brightness of the firmament and those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars forever. (Daniel 12:3)
The Lord then shifted from stars to brightly lit candles. We were made to shine!
Immediately I went back in time to past Christmas Eve services at Trinity Church.
Near the end of the service, Pastor Carl, Gloria and their sons would light candles that
included and eventually spread -out to all those attending in the Sanctuary, becoming a
magnificent display of light illuminating the dark. The Lord reminded me of how powerful
this is individually, but especially corporately as the Body of Christ unites and the darkness must bow and dissipate.
A Brightly Lit Candle
Illuminating the Dark.
The first is made of Heavenly Spectrums
The Latter completely falling short!
Days-In and Days-Out
Overturn with Peace
The Heart of Understanding
( the straight and narrow road)
That twists and turns cannot Spark!
Sshhh….Can you hear it?
The Singing is becoming Louder and Louder
as Lighted Candles become Brighter and Brighter….
as more Family is Added!!
After The Lord shared lighted candles, He shifted again and much to my surprise, He
wanted to talk about the Congo River. You are probably scratching your head right about now! Your in good company because so was I until He finished sharing and it was fantastic!! He was making a reference to this mighty river and how the Body of Christ when unified with the Holy Spirit creates an endless flow of Spirit filled water.…Extremely Powerful and not to be messed with ! Here are a few facts about the Congo River:
* It runs through Central Africa for 2500 miles and then suddenly drops.
* 1.45 million cubic feet of water is sent into the Atlantic Ocean every second.
*It forms a deep channel that can submerge a skyscraper. The force is dramatic and
Individually, we might be considered drops of water or small playa lakes, but when we come together….Watch out World!
Indestructible – incapable of being rendered ineffective, ruined or destroyed.
Synonyms include – shatterproof, imperishable ( John 3:16), inextinguishable, everlasting, incorruptible (Peter 1:23)
Embers and Ashes
Mercy and Grace
Deep Ravines of Water
And Torrential Fountains of Mist
Open up the Windows
Throw-Out the Embers and Shards
Gods People are Indestructible
And the Enemy has Dismantled.…Crumbled…Fallen Completely Apart!!
Angels in Flight
Stars so Brilliant and Bright
Gods Children Illuminating and Obscuring the Darkest of Nights!
A Christmas Blessing:
May the Light of Christmas Bless You and Fill You with His Presence and may your
Candle become Brighter as He Illuminates everything He has for You and all who come
Your way. May Your 2023 New Year be more than You could possibly Ask for or
Because You are INDESTRUCTIBLE and He has made You for such a Time
as This!!
 “Jesus and Me”‘  by Tina G.

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  1. Vicky Palmer

    Poignant imagery and stirring importance in this piece! Thank you Tina for the vivid reminder of the brilliance that streams across this season of hope, joy and peace. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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