Songwriting 101 by Gloria Toti


Do you like to sing? 

While in church this past Sunday, I realized how much freedom God has brought into my life and I sing.

Girls…I SING. 

Now I show up knowing living what Psalm 40:3 says:  

“He has put a new song in my mouth – praise to our God; many will see it and fear and will trust in the Lord.” 

I remember the days when I was a young Christian showing up in church and not knowing any of the words to the songs.  Eventually I learned them, but I still wasn’t singing.  I was still singing my songs filled with fear.  I don’t even know if my own ears could hear me singing.  Today, things have changed. I scratch my head and ask myself why I was so shy to worship my king in public with my raw emotions.  Because I was being healed.  

I’m so thankful I have realized my voice doesn’t have to impress anyone except my king.  I guess I thought my worship was to impress those around me, and I didn’t want to hit a wrong note.  

Today, I realize that we are joining the choirs of heavens and all the saints of old to worship the one and only true God.  Yahweh was the personal name God gave himself to the children of Israel because He is a personal God.

We don’t serve a generic God.  He is the only God with three distinct persons in one – The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit… 

The oneness of our God and the three-ness of our God cannot be duplicated.  It’s God’s unique signature, and we must not miss that detail of our triune God. 

This weekend we will celebrate Father’s Day.  Let’s remember to shout out thanksgiving throughout the day to our heavenly Father for the awesome plan of redemption He has set in motion in our lives.  

Even if happiness feels like an eel in this season of your life because you can’t seem to hold on to it for long—keep singing. 

I also want to challenge you to do something different that has helped me in the past – be like a child who makes up a song. 

Ready for the loaded question:  Have you made up a song to God? 

Our songs could be an expression of what is going on inside of you – maybe it’s quiet contentment, a deep longing, righteous indignation, or a joyful celebration. 

And don’t judge your vocal performance so you can be free to unself-consciously sing out whatever is deep inside of you.  

Our songs might be the gateway to a whole new dimension of experiencing God. 

Happy Father’s Day in advance to our God.  May God feel the joy we have begun to send him as we will honor him as a family this Father’s Day in the year 2022.

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