Are You Ready? by Tina Gonzalez

( Are You Ready?)

Dream weaver
Dream deceiver
There is no Game of Thrones!
The ultimate test is the race in this life for our ultimate Prize, Jesus Christ and His upward call.

So….who sits on the throne?
Who really holds the keys?
Who is early to rise and who folds their hands and continues to sleep?

Let’s drop a notch or two
Let’s stoop to bow low,
Let us fall prostrate and let Him lift us up as we hand over our parts that are weak, insubordinate and out of control.

Which person is humble?
Who is completely complete?
Let us all take a trip to the alter and open doors of opportunity as we slam the doors of lies, brokenness and defeat!

Who or what rules and reigns in your life?
Who decides your time?
Now is a perfect opportunity to take a good look, a peek to see what might be hiding, revealing true intentions, exposing true insides.

What have you taken and what have you sold?
Is it worth the price my friend?
Did it come from the only one who truly paid for it all?

You see, we are only here for a short time.
Take a good look at the clock.
Let us watch as the hands slowly unwind.
Where were you a year ago?
Where will you be at this same time next week?
Has earthly time been kind to you, or do you feel embittered, tired….out of place?

Two will be working, talking, sleeping or maybe shopping, and then one will  “not “.
One will continue and remain, because the other was ” caught “!

Fate verses destiny,
One is given and one is sought.
Both were already paid for and both were already bought.

Increase, decreases and unbalanced scales.
Oh the teachings and the lessons,
The seeds that we sow.
Hearts aligned are right on time and oh so precious to His soul!

There is about to come a day,
It is so much sooner than you think!
Who is your Saviour ,your Lord?
Who is your High Priest?

Come and walk with humbleness, patience and gentleness…..
Fully suited-up!
In true warrior mode with a crown, befitting a daughter and son waiting anxiously for their King.
As we look expectantly towards the sky for a glimpse of our Blessed Hope, we will one day rule and reign with our Lord in our true and rightful place…….

1 Corinthians15:51-52  Behold! I tell you a mystery. Not all shall sleep, but all shall be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we shall be changed.

Latin- Rapiemur-rapture

Jesus and Me by Tina G.



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    Harpazo really gets to the core & makes you think!!! The simplicity of the writing is wonderful….it leaves no doubt about it’s meaning

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