Fight The Darkness by Gloria Toti


Are you embracing what God already spoke for this hour in history,
or are you flirting with the things in culture that tempt you?
When we go to the doctor and he has bad news for us, he is telling us for our own good.  He didn’t wake up that morning longing to share bad news. It’s part of his job to help find a cure, right?  We can’t tell him, please don’t say that.  I don’t want to hear it.  I want to remain the same.  No, we immediately listen in, and then create a plan to remove whatever ails us.
We move toward the cure.
Today, want our topic to be centered around our out-of-control culture and how it is impacting our lives and the lives of our children.So be warned, the topic could be considered harsh by some.  They might think we are targeting them.  We are not.
We are simply embracing Biblical truth as in the words God already spoke over and to us to keep us safe.
Let’s not forget that God is all knowing, and he see’s everything all at once.  He saw what Deborah, the princess warrior would do, but He also saw what Rahab the prostitute would do…and He sees what you and I are called to do and what you we are actually doing, and He can spot where the gaps are at a brisk glance.
So, He leans into our lives because He knows we are living below our potential.  Do you have question marks circled in your Bible?—I do.  And they are there because I have encountered hard truth, and the days where I don’t fully understand why it stings, I can’t just slam my Bible when that happens.  It is my job is to remember how I am limited in my humanity as to the sacred plan that is being formed in that moment.
In other words, I must believe God knows something I do not.  Friends, if we don’t hear what we would deem bad news, we won’t appreciate what is called the good news.
Culture is trying to tell us that we are all good, and we should live for ourselves and fulfill the desires of our heart by experiencing whatever is placed before us.  That is a dangerous place to be.
TRUTH 101:  We are a sinful people because we were born with a sin nature.
We constantly sin against God because we are inherently bad.
The heart of the problem is the problem in the heart and only Jesus can change that.
Think about if Jesus had not died on the cross, we would be subject to God’s wrath.
Let’s continue our conversation next week…

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