Geometry Redefined by Tina Gonzales

Loops and Frames
Congruent renamed
Perpendicular turned upside down?
Magnetics verses physics
Spacial properties and hydro rotating planes.

Circles and shapes
No form –  without place
Vast darkness and unseen glory
Benevolent space holding untold stories.

Words become quickened
Gleaming light begins to glisten
Sound barriers broken
Lines harnessed – Shapes are spoken!

Double helix’s gather
Nothingness scatters
Silence screams and discord shatters.

The Keeper
The Speaker
The ultimate Teacher
Was never meant to be tamed.

We owe Him the glory,
The highest of fame!
We give Him the worship,
The only praise!

The Master of the Universe
The most Brilliant Mind
(With you in and on His mind)
Wanted for you to explore
To create and partake
To walk through His open doors.
Study and share
To explore and compare
Reach new heights
To dream and even dare.
Question what you see
To ask – to receive
Absorb and commune
With His marvelous artwork that lives, breathes and even sings!

Loops and Frames
It’s such a crime and oh the shame!
For we have given others credit
And made false claims,
For the universe,geometry and all created things.
We have tripped, wounded and even scarred (loss of identity).
It’s more than heartbreaking,
More than degrading,
It’s  suffocating and unfair.
We have auctioned demonic bids,
Casting shadows and delivering judgement…..
Yes, we have opened Pandora’s lid!

Yet the Master of Geometry remains constant and intentional.
He continues to shape, move and create.
He is speaking…..Pure Sound.
Evolution, you are crippled!
Darwin’s curve (smile) turned upside down.

The most important shapes
Mathematically took place
In the form of two wooden beams.
Horizontal crossed vertical,
A temple curtain torn
By three Roman nails.

Loops and Frames,
You cannot be complete,
Without revealing Adonai’s masterpiece!
Geometry’s origin… Holy Spirit breath…..
The pulsating wonder of the heartbeat!

Double helix’s formed,
Creation is born.
Let all His wonders sing!
Darkness and light,
Luminous stars – so brilliant, so bright.
Marine mammals and raptors in flight.
Let All Creation Bow Before His Throne!


Psalm33:6 – By the word of The Lord the heavens were made,

and by the breath of His mouth all their host.

John1:3 – All things were made through Him,

and without Him was not any thing made that was made.

Geometry-Ancient Greek
“Geo-earth-measurement-metron” Branch of mathematics concerned with questions

of shape, size, relative position of figures, and properties of space.


~Tina Gonzales

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  1. Tammy Rodriguez Barber

    Love this! Each time I read this, God reveals something new to me. Beautifully written and Holy-Spirit inspired.

  2. Penny Gillentine

    It helps shape your thinking!!! No pun intended. So elegantly written & really insightful!! Loved it

  3. Laura Lewis

    Yes! We have definitely given credit to many but The Creator of it all! He allows us only to discover what He has already created. His design never ceases to amaze me and the detail of it all!

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