Butterflies And Glory by Tina Gonzalez

The vision was brief and quite unexpected, but in the days to follow it slowly unraveled and became not only encouraging, but timely and of profound importance. A very dear friend of mine was visiting with me about her past, both the triumphs and the failures. She had been feeling a stirring in her heart from the Lord but couldn’t quite put her finger on it. As she was talking, the Holy Spirit gave me a small day vision. For a moment I was oblivious to her and everything around us, hearing and seeing nothing except what the Lord placed before me. A beautiful butterfly had just freshly broken free of its cocoon and was sitting on a branch of a very large tree. It was quietly warming and drying its wings in the sun. The butterfly was about to take its first flight ever out into an unknown world. As the vision ended, my friend was still engaged in conversation. Later as I shared the butterfly vision with her, it resonated in her spirit, and she received it with much joy and anticipation. After a few days had passed, I was busy at home doing housework when I felt the Holy Spirit’s presence and heard the Lord calling. He wanted to talk about what He called ” Butterflies and Glory”.  Butterflies I have found are symbolic of endurance, hope, change and life. Spiritually they represent Christ’s death, burial and resurrection.


~Butterflies and Glory~

Full of His amazing LOVE and only a small part of our ever-changing story.

By God’s grace I have been built-up with invisible hands and breath that breathed.

With a heart, mind and body not fashioned by earthly eyes and certainly not man-made things.

Songs I have sung!

Heavenly Sighs and

Gold-Tipped Angel Wings


Who knew and who could possibly say,

that today I would be opened by Heavenly commands?

Utterances so beautifully spoken!

The past revealed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye.


Caterpillars and Cocoons,

Metamorphosis and Butterflies.


Dipped in effortless patterns,

Colors begin to sing!

Ready to take flight,

All under the canopy of His amazing grace.

Not knowing exactly where to go or what the day might bring.


I will unfold…I will fly!

Heavens breath carrying me through gusty winds, 

Bolts of lightning and oblique sky.


Where will I be going?

I can only dream…. hold my breath.

Will I carry out my orders or

Fall down, crash….maybe not even try?


Hastening through Grace,

Quickly I will go!

With surety (Faith) and Dunamis (Holy Spirit Power)

I move forward…..

Not completely knowing what’s in store.

Just knowing I AM is with Me

And I AM the apple of HIS eye!!


~ I started as a caterpillar ……But I AM now a BUTTERFLY! ~


It doesn’t matter where we have come from, our background or past. God is calling ALL of His daughters into His kingdom ” For such a time as this”! Esther4:14   I believe He is getting ready to establish, position and pour-out favor on His people from all walks of life, positioning and strategically placing us to bring healing, hope, and partake in the Great Harvest! We are being called to be Bold….to break free of our oh so familiar cocoon, move- out of our comfort zone

and Dare to fly off of the branch we have been sitting on! 

And just a quick side note…..a few days before I sat down to start writing this post, I was leaving home to return to work from a short lunch break. When I got into my truck, a fairly large, black and orange butterfly landed on a windshield wiper. It appeared to be a Monarch Butterfly. Being the month of November and already receiving freezing rain and a brief cold front, I knew that it was special. I had a quick flashback to the vision of the butterfly on the branch. As I got ready to leave and head back to work, I heard The Lord whisper……  ” IT’S TIME FOR MY PEOPLE TO FLY”!

Tina Gonzalez

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  1. Annette White

    BEAUTIFUL Message!

  2. Penny Gillentine

    Butterflies are such a rarity…..they all transform the same way. Caterpillar to cocoon. But come out totally different from another. No two are alike. Just as God has made his children & his purpose for each one!!! So using butterfly as the metaphor for God’s children transitioning in between different stages of life!! Love it

  3. Terry Johnston

    Oh my Mrs tina im.in tears n overjoyed with such love, courage Inspiration and motivation such a sweet story of which I know too well thank u so much I love how God is working n stirring me up n im ready to fly n go bold for the lord 🦋 love you

  4. Maria D Akridge

    Going from glory to glory! He gives glory for my story! Beautiful blog! Loved it!

  5. Denise Dietz

    Spreading my wings! This is so encouraging. Makes me look forward to the Butterfly exhibit all the more. ❤️

  6. Belinda Quiroz

    Absolutely amazing…

  7. Laura Fulkerson

    So so very good , Tina! Very good!! 💕🥰

  8. Ebie Serda

    “Oustanding!”👏 Beautifully written my lovely friend! God speaks to us in so many ways. God is Alive and lives in us.❤Praise the Lord🙌

  9. Lois

    Tina, Thank you for listening and heeding God’s call to you! Your message is so timely and urgently needed by all of us who belong to Him!

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