Can Hearts Cry by Gloria Toti

Comfortably comfortable is not doing the job my friends. Do people look at you and know what side of culture you stand on by the way you love, dress, speak, act, and pray?

We know hearts can be broken, but can hearts cry? 

I think mine cried yesterday. 

After I read an article my son sent through our family chat, I felt my heart crying.  My eyes didn’t want to participate, they remained dry.  I knew this author was right, although he clearly stated he was not a believer. He had wisdom that way too many in the church do not.  He was not pretending, nor did he write with distain.  I heard truth.    

I feel a portion of his words qualify to be classified as quotes of 2021.  Before I share some of his words, I want you recognize where your life stands.  If you claim to be a Christian, is your life showing forth an enticing picture to unbelievers or is Christianity more like an accessory in your life?  Are you fighting temptation or is temptation getting the best of you? 

Grab a hold of your chair if you are seated, these words will sting.  

As you read, remember these quotes come from a man who doesn’t serve God, nor is he interested because the church to him is running hard toward the things of the world rather than the world running HARD toward the church: 

“Instead of making me want to become more like them, it looks very much as if they want to become more like me.”

“If they share 90% of my lifestyle and values, then there is nothing especially inspiring about them.  Instead of making me want to become more like them, it looks very much as if they want to become more like me.”  

We have it backwards, and our world shows it. 

One of the ways we look too closely related to the world, is the way we express ourselves sexually.   

Casual sex has become the norm for people of all ages, and it has created a mess.  Unplanned pregnancies allow for abortions to take place even if someone feels that taking a life is wrong.


Abortion is not birth control in God’s eyes. It’s terminating the very essence of LIFE, and I believe his heart cries too. 

Have you learned by experience that sin doesn’t ever satisfy and robs you of peace?  I have.  

On May 1st, our community has a chance to value the things God values.  LIFE.  

We have the opportunity to vote FOR the ordinance that protects life and allows us to act like true Christians.  We can show the world there is a difference between the church and the world.  We don’t have to drink at the well of this world’s system… that doesn’t satisfy.  Remember, your life can be used to show the world God is real.   Early voting is going on right now – visit for more info.  

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  1. Mary Land

    What an eye opener! And I agree, you only heard truth. Thank you for speaking truth, sister!

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