Don’t Tell Me Her Life Doesn’t Have Purpose by Gloria Toti

 Life would not be the same without her.  Every human life adds value to those around them.  Don’t miss it.

The defense of human life is not an option – we need to affirm the dignity of every human being from conception to natural death.  

The Supreme court decision became the law of the land 47 years known as Roe v Wade and we have watched 61 million babies be terminated under the umbrella of convenience or as we call it—women’s health care.

We want people to embrace every unborn child as a unique human being deserving of respect and protection.  Whether or not these children will continue to die will depend largely on our laws and whether it should it remain legal to end these lives?  People elected by the voters make the laws.  Such laws can save preborn lives or contribute to their demise.  

Elected officials can pass legislation to safeguard unborn children.  

Will our elected officials enact laws that make it unthinkable to take the life of an innocent individual who cannot fight for themselves?  

The importance of voting is about policies not personalities.  

It is very important for us to vote – we can make a difference with our vote.  

Dr. Alveda King reminds us that if we don’t vote, we won’t be heard.  And she is on video proudly saying that she is voting for life in 2020, and then asks…how about you? 

I want to ask you some questions and I want you to stop and contemplate your answers, and then I want you to act upon what you know in your heart is right.  

Why should our federal tax dollars continue to pay for abortion on demand?  

Why can’t parents have the right to know if their minor daughters are considering abortion? 

Why can’t babies who survive abortion be given the same attention as a child born prematurely at that same age?  

Elections do have consequences for the cultural attitude toward human life in our society and especially for legal protection for those little ones in the womb. 

I want to read a letter from someone I love – she is a beautiful special needs little angel and she is valued beyond measure:  She prays prayers that will make you cry.  

She happened to write this prayer this past week and sent it to me.  I immediately knew I would share it since we are speaking out about the dignity those around us.  

Her prayer is called:  To all of God’s children: 

Father, God protect all your children when they lean on their pillows and sleep through the night.  Protect them from evil forces that sidetrack little human minds.  I can imagine how little kids and teens get scared of the wild nature of the world itself that comes to us in thoughts and bad dreams.  Teach us how to resist the devil and submit to God.  

Remind the hearts and minds of children that they belong to Jesus and how the devil will flee when we resist him.  Remind them that Jesus is their everlasting friend and He will watch over all his children because he loves them.  

God never sleeps nor slumbers, He is busy guarding all the little eyes and ears of His children.  Be careful little eyes what you see because God is watching everyone.  Fix your eyes on the prize that is Jesus Christ. Amen

We know her prayers touch the heart of the Father, and we know she has a beautiful purpose her on this earth.  Children cannot be thrown away when someone else deems they are less important.  

Let’s remember to vote for LIFE in the upcoming election and allows others to make our world beautiful with their contribution. 

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