Candy and Flowers Shouldn’t Define Us by Gloria Toti

Are you looking forward to Valentine’s Day this year, or is it a day you want to sleep through because it stirs up pain in your heart?
It’s the day of love not a day of lack, so I’m going to shout out a Happy Valentine’s Day greeting to each of you to remind you how much you are loved by your creator.
I remember being an older single who didn’t like this particular day.  I was not okay with others receiving flowers or candy since I knew I would not be carrying anything to my car at the end of the day.
My identity seemed to be wrapped around the lack of a boyfriend and Valentine’s Day only seemed to reinforce my longing for someone to notice me.
I longed to have what others had and then the day finally came to accept a boyfriend, and I said no thank you.  God had moved in my heart.
I know many of you desire to get married one day, and I want to encourage you to keep sharing your heart with God.  Don’t give up on your dreams.
Singleness can be a beautiful season and a profound time to THRIVE.
Singleness can be considered one of the best road trips with God.
Funny twist to my story, when Carl began to show interest in me, I ignored him. I had experienced the love of God and it changed the way I saw myself and the world.  I told God I didn’t need a boyfriend anymore to make me feel important.  I only wanted His love and His plan for me.  I didn’t want a man to slow me down in telling the world how much they were loved.
I experienced a heavenly pivot.  I no longer wanted to remain stagnant in pity.  I no longer rejected the idea of growing.  I was ready to work on my dreams.  I was ready to serve God with great capacity.  The waiting season was no longer heavy.  I had a new identity.  My outlook shifted, and a boyfriend paled in comparison to having God front and center of my life.
I think of Sarah receiving the birth announcement of all birth announcements in the old testament.  Can you imagine all of the baby dedication services she attended for her family and friends? Her prayers and dreams seemed to be missing God’s heart, but they weren’t.  Her miracle was aged to perfection by God’s design.

God arrived one day to say – congratulations, you’re going to have a baby at the age of 99 (oops Abraham was 99, Sarah was 90)

Well, naturally Sarah laughed when God came to answer her prayer.  If we were 99 years old, and God told us to get the nursery ready, I doubt we would have stayed quiet.
Are we laughing at God today because it seems impossible to receive the things we’ve prayed for?  Let’s learn from Sarah’s story that God hears, see’s and delivers miracles at unexpected times.  Happy Valentine’s Day my friends – you are loved.

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