Crush It

Enemy! What comes to mind?

How about this?

This is not a rattlesnake!

Any guesses on what kind it is?

Soon after moving into our home we learned there was a surge in rattlesnake bites in the Lubbock area. The news story reported it was most likely because of new development pushing them out of their habitat. I have a lot of regard for nature and the way we exist with it, but never imagined co-habiting with rattlesnakes.

Within a week, we came face-to-face with this reality! It began with a sighting in Mom and Dad’s front yard. Mom, being from Wyoming, was certain it was a rattlesnake, but it slithered away before we could draw any firm conclusions. Then, came the beauty you see above. This sweet one was curled up in the bricks! Nathalie and I discovered it while laying a garden bed. This prompted us to start asking around about snakes. Adamantly everyone replied, “No we haven’t seen any rattlesnakes around here!”

A public census wasn’t calming our fears! The lurking of an enemy was erie and disturbing! We needed protection and wisdom about what to do with this problem. Prayer warriors were activated and we marked the entire property line with “Snake Be Gone!” You can find it on amazon if you’re ever in need…

Four days into the week and a little on-edge, mom went to take the trash out only to find the tail in of….yes, A RATTLESNAKE emerging from underneath the dumpster. This called for drastic measures! We immediately phoned the neighborhood mayor. Hello, “Mr. Weeks, we have a rattlesnake! He quickly responded, “I’ll be right there!” Arriving with a compadre and arsenal of racks, machete, shotgun and shovel they were ready to take care of the enemy once and for all!

The adrenaline shooting through our bodies could be felt a mile away. Slowly Mr. Weeks slid the rack over to the snake to draw it out from the trash can and his compadre was to shoot it! As the draw proceeded it was quickly realized, “The snake is dead.”

Shouts of joy and relief erupted!

I’ve heard that God will crush our enemies, but never did I imagine He could use a dumpster to take them out! This experience has certainly taught me there are possibilities bigger than my imagination.

If you’re in an erie place, with enemies lurking –

*Depression *Financial Setback *Conflict *Sickness*Weakness*Pride* Lust*Indulgence*Loneliness

Take heart! Submit yourself to God! He will crush our enemies! Most likely in ways we never even thought possible!